Tuesday, November 26, 2013


....but that's OK because last night we felt her kick for the FIRST TIME and that alone makes it all worth it. Our lives have been so busy lately-- Cash is crawling everywhere and his new favorite game is ''I'm gonna get youuuuuuuu!" We've been trying to get our house in order before our very first holiday party with Brett's family.  And most of our furniture is finally coming in, which makes me tremendously happy.  PS. The holidays are the BEST time to order furniture. Sales are everywhere and we haven't paid full price yet for big items! For example, today I got baby girls rug for 70% off. (RUGS USA, do it)

And high on my Christmas wishlist is this leetle animal print for her nursery:

 On a more serious note, Cashy has his surgery on Monday and I'm officially a mess about it :( I know he's in good hands but the thought of him going under anesthesia is making me a nervous wreck. I just want my little man to be ok! Please send prayers and thoughts our way for a healthy and successful procedure!

Hope everyone has a Happy Thanksgiving! gobble. gobble.


Tuesday, November 19, 2013


with the months flying by until baby girl is born, i've had a lot of time before bed to think about cashy's birth story.  i find myself hoping and praying that this time it's different. that we have a good experience. a normal one.

we didn't get to bring cashy home from the hospital after 1 or 2 days.  we had to go back to the NICU. we had to worry constantly.  i had no break between contractions, ever.  i caught a high fever during delivery. selfishly, i want baby girl's birth experience to be so different. so badly.

first i'm thankful we're in houston. we'll be surrounded by family and friends. i trust our doctors and the hospital here a million times more. and if possible pleaaaase don't let me be induced. pitocin and i don't get along.

ok emotional post over.

and happy 8 months to the best, big boy in the whole world.


Tuesday, November 12, 2013


I'm not even sure I know what a papaya is.

Earlier today I thought of like a million things to write (complain) about, but now that I have some free time everything escapes me.  I'm still exhausted all.the.time.-- where is that burst of energy you're supposed to get?! I think with Cash I felt like amazing from 19 weeks and beyond. With this baby, its like sucking the life out of me. Ok that was a little harsh, but y'all, pregnancy HATES me.  If you had a great/smooth/nausea free/loving life/glowing pregnancy, then you are the luckiest people on the face of the earth. And I also want to slap you juuuuuuuuust a little bit.  Nah, I'm beyond the jealous point because in like 17 weeks and 6 days I will never have to be pregnant again and that alone gives me the greatest joy (besides getting a beautiful baby girl of course).

Ok ok enough with the complaining.....I think we've almost decided on a name. It's down to 2 and in my gut I know the one that's meant for baby D, but I'm just not ready to commit yet. Plus the middle name has to flow perfectly, ya know?  I've been going insane on scooping up pretty thangs for her, and Brett might kill me soon if he comes home to another package on our front door step ;)  Just kidding, he loves girl things invading our household.  Here;s some stuff in case you want to copy (because who wouldn't).


baby toms...i mean
cutest thing ever
I really hope I can blog more soon because I misses it big time.

Tuesday, October 29, 2013


Hello friends, I've missed you.  Turns out being pregnant with a 7 month old means no blogging time for this mama.  This past Monday we reached the halfway mark until we meet our baby girl.  Which also means we 100% confirmed she is still a she. Blood tests work, y'all! We were skeptical because it's a new thing.  But now let the clothes shopping and decorating begin.

Our Cash man is doing so good and growing so big.  He let me rock him to sleep for the first time last night in MONTHS, which made my week (and made me cry #hormones).  And his nursery is coming along perfectly thanks to Sam.

Here are some sneak peeks:

Biscuit Duvet

Greek Key Rug

Fabric for Glider

Gray Malin Print (my fav!)
Have a great week!

Thursday, October 3, 2013


I just OD'ed on grapes and now feel like I may vomit.

Anyways, I have some goals I really want to accomplish before 2013 is over and especially before baby girl gets here!  I thought I'd type them up know to keep me somewhat accountable.

  • Get Cash's nursery/big boy room together.  We are working with Sam of Peak of Tres Chic to make our vision a reality, and she is seriously amazing and so talented! I can't wait for everything to come together.
  • Put Cash into a 1 or 2 day a week school program.  In Houston, wait lists are INSANE.  We're #8 on our first choice so hopefully that comes to fruition soon.
  • Find a fun playgroup with normal, cool moms.  Trust me, there are some out there that I can't even take seriously.
  • Find some good baby music/reading classes that work with our schedule.  The ones around here all seem to fall around his nap time so I might need to start crashing other neighborhood events....
  • Decide on a name for baby girl!!! 
  • Get her nursery completely ready before her debut.
  • Throw a Christmas open house/party for friends and family.
  • Go on daily walks with Cash (been doing that for a while now!)
That's all for now since my little man is awake!!


Monday, September 30, 2013



16 weeks today!
4 more to go before confirming girl status.
Still sick in the early morning and late evening. #goaway
Losing weight (not complaining)
Currently craving: frozen yogurt with colored sprinkles.


Witching hours between 1 PM and bedtime. Torture.
Sitting up!!!!!
Eating all pureed foods. Not picky like his dad.
Currently up from his nap and must go.


Monday, September 23, 2013


Behold the cuteness.


Cash just turned SIX months old, and I'm exactly 15 weeks today!! I can't believe it. We go in for a gender ultrasound October 25th, just to extra confirm there's a girl hiding in there.  A lot of peeps have been asking us about names, but we want to 110% make sure it's a girl before we really settle on any.  I will say that we definitely want a boys name for a girl (like mine, duh). And are leaning towards ones that start with C to mesh with Cash.  Any and all suggestions welcome.

This past weekend Brett had his 10 year high school reunion and we hosted a pre-party.

SPX freeeends
I've become really great friends with a lot of his HS friends (and lurv them), but I was so excited to meet some more I've heard such great things about.  Of course I decided to try my dress on about 10 minutes before the party started #typical and of course my bump had decided to go through a growth spurt #typical. All I really cared about was being comfy so I wore an older maternity dress from Target which was more practical.  THEN I FOUND ONE HIDING IN MY CLOSET TODAY THAT TOTALLY WOULD HAVE BEEN CUTER. These are the things I think about during Cash's nap time.

Y'all. I was seriously a zombie at the bar since it was way past my bedtime and my morning sickness has now turned into past 6 PM sickness.  But I tried to be a trooper for B and stay out as late as possible.  He had a great time which is all that really matters (and I did too). And just to put it out there, I think I deserve the best push present EVER, you know just in general. Being pregnant for two years in a row is hard work y'all.

ryann, C, baby girl D

Wednesday, September 11, 2013


I'm now almost 14 weeks and still have to pop nausea medicine on the reg.  I was so excited for the 1st trimester to be over because then I'd magically feel better, but who am I kidding? I was sick for 5 months with Cash so I shouldn't be surprised. But this time I have MEDICINE. Thank the lawd.  Medicine that really only works on and off throughout the day but it's better than nothin.  Anyways, I'm just really excited for the day I'll be 100%, alert, and not exhausted. Hurry it up.

We've had a busy few weeks and even busier weekends coming up.  This weekend I'm going to Austin for our college family reunion.  Just a few highlights of these hooligans:

I really am lucky to have these peeps in my life and can't wait to spend a whole weekend with them!

Then the next weekend, the 10 year reunions start (WHAT?).  We're hosting the pre-party for Brett's so I need to start thinking of some yummy apps and treats to have.  I'm thinking a Tex Mex theme since people are coming in from out of town.  I've been dying to try this simple marg recipe:  Fresh lime juice, good tequila, and either triple sec or Grand Marnier. A third, a third, a third.  We're usually all about frozen in these parts, but 
on the rocks is always a party pleaser. I'll be happily sipping on my ice water concoction.


Thursday, September 5, 2013


I'm so excited to have my love, Lori, contribute a guest post today.  Brett and I have a lot of events coming up and with my growing bump I sought some much needed fashion advice from her.  I keep telling her to start her own blog so maybe this is the push she needs!

First of all, CONGRATULATIONS RYANN AND BRETT!  I am so happy for you guys and cannot wait for that little baby girl!!!  Her first leopard print (anything) will be from me...I will have to start researching leopard baby shoes ASAP.

Since Ryann has gone and gotten pregnant again, she has come to me for advice for some cute clothes, specifically special occasion outfits in her pregnant state (THAT AREN'T UGLY MATERNITY CLOTHES).  There were many rules, so I am trying to follow as best as possible!  I know she is a big fan of printed dresses, but they must NOT be sleeveless and they must not be too short (baby mamas don't need to all be lookin' like Brit Brit).  Therefore, I have searched my favorite shopping sites and come up with a few options for her.

Look #1 - Casual Daytime

One of my newest loves is ShopBop.  I cannot believe it took me all these years to find this dangerous website.  Daytime pick is one from Free People and yes, Ryann already saw it, and LOVED it also.

Free People

Now, shoes for this look.  I tried these on at Nordstrom not too long ago and they were SO comfy!  Perfect for preggo lady on her feet!  Also, I am dying for some of these D'Orsay flats, but only because every other blogger says I need them.


This purse is another ShopBop find...looks so practical and you can hold the purse AND CASH!  

Look #2 - Night Out

Piperlime!!  This was my first thought since I know they have dresses at reasonable prices and can ship quickly if she needs something soon!  The dress has 3/4 sleeves, CHECK, is loose fitting, and doesn't appear too short!  Best news is that I already showed this one to Ryann and she LOVED.

The next thought was, "You need blue shoes!"  She told me flats were the only option, so I remembered these gems I spied at the Galleria the other day.  So cewt!
Zara Shoes

As for the purse...this is TOTALLY out of the price range, but man it would look good with this outfit!

Look #3 - LBD!

Every woman needs an LBD at all times!  I spotted this comfy number at H&M a couple weeks ago; elasticized waist, long sleeves, and not too short!  Also it's only $14.95!

H&M Bargain

The main reason I wanted to put up the LBD was so I could post THESE flats.  I know Ryann is dying for some Loeffler Randalls and these have to be the cutest flats out right now.


As for purses, we were browsing Clare Vivier earlier today and she spied this little cow can't every wear too many animals in one night, right?!
Clare Vivier
Hopefully, I have given you all some ideas on how to be pregnant, comfy and cute.  Ryann will have to keep you all updated as to what she bought (with pics please Ryann)!


So what do y'all think? She should definitely start a fashion blog right? I plan on scooping up a few of these this week for upcoming football weekends, reunions, and house parties!


Monday, September 2, 2013


You think you know but you have no idea. #seewhatIdidthere

No but really. That's what I feel like. A never ending pregnant lady. It was just a mere SIX MONTHS ago that I was complaining about feeling like I'll never be un-pregnant.  And here I am 3 months preggo.  Just call me Jessica Simpson.

First let's get this out of the way. We were not trying.  I was on medicine. Brett was in San Antonio.  You get the point. I think the chances were like .0000001.  But all that aside, I can't imagine life without Cash. So this baby is just as big of a blessing.  And we are actually really really excited and happy they will be so close in age (but yes it will be hard).  As one of my friends said, "God really wanted y'all to have a girl!." Yes, a GIRL.  I still can't believe it.  I was 100% convinced that we were going to have another boy and even had the name picked out already.  We did a gender blood test that is supposed to be 99% accurate, so until the 20 week ultrasound actually confirms it, there is a slight 1% chance baby D #2 is a boy. Hehe. Basically I'm not painting the room pink anytime soon. Or ever #letsbehonest.

Second I really don't mean to be complaining about being pregnant because I know there are so many people out there who do struggle to be pregnant.  In no way do I EVER mean to be insensitive.  But with this blog I am always 100% honest. So I'll say it.  Being pregnant back to back sucks.  Here are a few things that have already begun to annoy me....

1) NO MORE MARGARITAS.  Margarita, I hardly knew ye.

2) Throwing up while Cash is screaming in his crib.

3) Passing out from exhaustion in the midst of singing the alphabet.

4) OB/GYN's probing me again and asking me LABOR questions.  Seriously, I just effing did this 5 months ago.


6) Wine, beer, mimosas.


8) I had a tuna sandwich the other day.  And then a cold cut. I don't care. And I survived.

ryann, cash, and baby GIRL D

Wednesday, August 28, 2013


...has been SUPER busy.

We moved. Cash just turned FIVE months old. (Can't believe it).  Lots of doctor appointments. Lots of exciting things.

Speaking of moving, we're still adjusting to our house. I mean neither of us have ever lived in anything together over 1500 sq ft.  Or with more than one bathroom. Or with a bathroom actually ATTACHED to our room. Progress, y'all.  Also Cash's room is upstairs and ours is down so I've had to get used to hauling a 21 pound baby up and down stairs all day. All I have to say is my butt better look DAMN good after this.

No but really I'm in love with our house and can't wait to show you guys pictures as we start to get furniture in.  Also living in Houston is just flat out amazing. My mom comes over all the time to help out. We can go to Los Tios whenever we want. I can eat El Tiempo's lobster fajitas any day I want. It's just spectacular. See a trend here?

On to Cash, I seriously can't believe he is 5 months.  He's trying to sit up, trying to learn how to eat from a spoon, teething, laughing like crazy, REALLY ticklish, and all around just the cutest little thing I know.  Here are some pics lately:

Have I mentioned he's 21 pounds and 27 inches long?! That makes him in the 99%. Big baby boy.


Thursday, July 18, 2013


As I'm typing this, I just spent 20 minutes trying to get Cash down for his morning nap.  We swaddled, we rocked, we shhh-ed, we did everything. I gently set him down in his rocker (we aren't to the crib yet) and fast forward 5 minutes later he is WIDE AWAKE LAUGHING AT THE FAN.  Ok and now he is crying. I have so many questions I don't even know where to begin.

Let's go back.

Around 6 weeks we started Cash on a bedtime routine-- this coupled with the miracle blanket and an elevated sleeper was our ticket to sleep.  He's been sleeping through the night ever since. (I know hate me all you want.)  But along with that comes having to rock him to sleep and perfect the "put down'' aka transferring him from our arms to the rocker (we aren't to the crib yet).  And that was totally fine in the newborn stage but now he needs to be rocked and shh-ed to sleep before bed and every nap.  I always said around 4 months I'm going to start sleep training per the Ferber Method.  Well here we are, 4 months tomorrow and I have the Ferber book on my lap read halfway through.  My fears are: Why are we messing with him sleeping through the night? What if everything we have worked towards just gets reset back to zero?  I feel like we need to sleep train and teach him to fall asleep on his own.  I know it's a very controversial topic but personally I don't want to have an older baby that has to rely on us rocking him to sleep every night.  I want them to learn how to sleep on their own.  Also Cash sleeping through the night usually involves him stirring around the clock where I have to rock his sleeper with my foot to make sure he drifts back to dream land.  So really I'm not getting a full night sleep anyways.

Then all this translates to nap time.  He needs to be rocked, usually under the oven vent, for 20 to 30 minutes, then set gently in his rocker. And half the time he stays that way for about 5 minutes. Then you have to repeat the whole entire thing again.

This brings me to my second fear: the SWADDLE.  Cash cannot and will not sleep unswaddled.  He sticks his fingers in his mouth and refuses to shut his eyes. I have tried  In fact if I get one more Amazon box in the mail, my family might disown me.  If his hands aren't tied down in a swaddle he won't sleep.  This is another habit I'd like to break sooner rather than later. So my question is-- do we stop swaddling and sleep train at the same time? Is that too much too fast? Also he needs to start sleeping in his crib- is doing all 3 at the same time just torture?

Right now I'm living at my parents house until we move in July 31.  I'm thinking of starting the night we move in since his new room will be his permanent environment.  It'd be too much to sleep train him at my parents right then start again in a new house? UGH.

I feel like I could literally type out a million questions.  By doing all this am I asking for disaster? If you are out there PLEASE help me.  Any advice is so appreciated.  I know every baby is different but anything would help at this point.  I've had people tell me don't mess with what you have, but I'm thinking long term....Dr. Ferber does say if what you are doing now is working then you probably shouldn't mess with it but at the same time he stresses that if what you are doing is hindering them from learning how to sleep on their own (aka rocking them to bed) then you need to rethink your approach.  #sofreakingconfusing.  If you really want to email me at or of course the FB message always works.



Thursday, June 13, 2013


Like major.


Like...everything I would ever want in a fabric.

I first saw it over on Peppermint Bliss (surprise, surprise) since she's using it for a new client.  Here's her vision for it:

I wish I could copy every.single.element.  But that would be over a billion dollars.

Then look at this table perfection:

Equally obsessed with the pairing of staffordshire dogs all over the table.  You can find those here.  I'm snatching up some pairs immediately for the new house.  They'd be quite comfy up in there.

Here's my take on the whole situation-- I'm thinking mrs. zebra (bc she's sophisticated) would be a perfect match for the dining room.  My mom is handing me down her dining room table that's mr. duncan phyfe's twin. (Look a like pictured--->)

Then I snatched up two of these via Ballard because they are on major sale.

And mrs. zebra would look MIGHTY fine on them. Don't you think? Those would go on the end as "host chairs" and then I need 4 others.  Just so happens I scooped up 4 vintage dining chairs at an estate sale (you know, during my hoarding phase).  I don't have a picture of them but these are similar:

Ours are in pretty bad shape so I need to get them painted and reupholstered majorly.  I love the look of this velvet fabric paired with mrs. zebra:

I'm stopping mid-blog because I'm jetting off to the house to check on the TILE and then meeting Lauren & my BFF Henry for lunch!!!



Monday, June 10, 2013


Picking lights for a house is E-X-H-A-U-S-T-I-N-G.  And by far the hardest decisions we've had to make.  I couldn't even deal with ceiling fans and just told the builder to pick what they thought was best #fingerscrossed.  But choices have been made and details finalized SO I shall give you a sneak peek.









Refresher---> to be paired with
blue penny tile
sailboat wallpaper

Speaking of wallpaper, I have some in my POSSESSION. Here's a little snippet of the powder room walls. (Don't wanna give too much away you know, gotta make that it's own story)

And the lights for dat room: