Wednesday, August 28, 2013


...has been SUPER busy.

We moved. Cash just turned FIVE months old. (Can't believe it).  Lots of doctor appointments. Lots of exciting things.

Speaking of moving, we're still adjusting to our house. I mean neither of us have ever lived in anything together over 1500 sq ft.  Or with more than one bathroom. Or with a bathroom actually ATTACHED to our room. Progress, y'all.  Also Cash's room is upstairs and ours is down so I've had to get used to hauling a 21 pound baby up and down stairs all day. All I have to say is my butt better look DAMN good after this.

No but really I'm in love with our house and can't wait to show you guys pictures as we start to get furniture in.  Also living in Houston is just flat out amazing. My mom comes over all the time to help out. We can go to Los Tios whenever we want. I can eat El Tiempo's lobster fajitas any day I want. It's just spectacular. See a trend here?

On to Cash, I seriously can't believe he is 5 months.  He's trying to sit up, trying to learn how to eat from a spoon, teething, laughing like crazy, REALLY ticklish, and all around just the cutest little thing I know.  Here are some pics lately:

Have I mentioned he's 21 pounds and 27 inches long?! That makes him in the 99%. Big baby boy.