Tuesday, October 29, 2013


Hello friends, I've missed you.  Turns out being pregnant with a 7 month old means no blogging time for this mama.  This past Monday we reached the halfway mark until we meet our baby girl.  Which also means we 100% confirmed she is still a she. Blood tests work, y'all! We were skeptical because it's a new thing.  But now let the clothes shopping and decorating begin.

Our Cash man is doing so good and growing so big.  He let me rock him to sleep for the first time last night in MONTHS, which made my week (and made me cry #hormones).  And his nursery is coming along perfectly thanks to Sam.

Here are some sneak peeks:

Biscuit Duvet

Greek Key Rug

Fabric for Glider

Gray Malin Print (my fav!)
Have a great week!

Thursday, October 3, 2013


I just OD'ed on grapes and now feel like I may vomit.

Anyways, I have some goals I really want to accomplish before 2013 is over and especially before baby girl gets here!  I thought I'd type them up know to keep me somewhat accountable.

  • Get Cash's nursery/big boy room together.  We are working with Sam of Peak of Tres Chic to make our vision a reality, and she is seriously amazing and so talented! I can't wait for everything to come together.
  • Put Cash into a 1 or 2 day a week school program.  In Houston, wait lists are INSANE.  We're #8 on our first choice so hopefully that comes to fruition soon.
  • Find a fun playgroup with normal, cool moms.  Trust me, there are some out there that I can't even take seriously.
  • Find some good baby music/reading classes that work with our schedule.  The ones around here all seem to fall around his nap time so I might need to start crashing other neighborhood events....
  • Decide on a name for baby girl!!! 
  • Get her nursery completely ready before her debut.
  • Throw a Christmas open house/party for friends and family.
  • Go on daily walks with Cash (been doing that for a while now!)
That's all for now since my little man is awake!!