Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Extreme Makeover

Am I the only one who cries uncontrobally every time they say "MOVE THAT BUS!!"?? I didn't think so.

Well it's time for Miss Blue Bonnet to get her own makeover! {Minus Ty Pennington} First in the kitch, then in the bathroom.  I wanted to include some "before" pics so y'all can follow a long and really see the transformation!

Don't you love the professional iPhone pics & the process of moving?! :)

The lovely miracle lady came last Friday to take measurements and show us her vision. And it is FAB.  If you can see in the pic, there is a bunch of space behind the "bar" where a metal storage rack lies its legs.  It's such a biiiiig waste of space-- not enough room to put a table & only enough to fit 2 barstools & the metal thang.  She wants to knock that down and extend the cabinets on the right alllllll the way to the window.  In there, will be a sectioned "bar" area with our wine cooler, glass storage, and a wine rack.  That's when I knew she meshed with the Detamores. #SOEXCITED.

By opening that area up it will free enough space up to add an..........I-S-L-A-N-D. Our very first island!!!!! EEEEK. All up in there will be storage for spices, pots & pans, and even a lil vegetable sink.  Over by the fridge will be shelves for cookbooks, more cabinetry, and a new setup for our washer & dryer.

Now to my most favoritest part: the design.  I have two major ideas in mind, one of which I wanted to use for West 26th.  The other is my newest obsession.

First is an all white kitchen like these eye candies:

 And my ALL time dream kitchen by Amber Lewis of Amber Interiors:
Apparently, even though marble counter tops are what I was leaning towards, they wear and tear A TON.  Like crack, get scratched, over time get dull. No lies.  I'm thinking Caesarstone is the way to go (as shown in Amber's pic). They are "indestructible" AND guess what- they are the best for red wine drinkers. SOLD.  Also, nicer to the wallet which is always a winner in my book.  You could always used marble subway tiles like Amber does so you can still incorporate them somewhere. Yes, yes I'm likin' that style.

Now the other look I've been leaning towards has a lil splash of colah. See hurr:

See the trend?!

Navy islands.

Still have the white countertops/white cabinets/white backsplash.  Just adds a fun hint of color.

Paired with these?
Well if you insist.

Only thing is I feel if we went this route the kitchen will have more of a brown tone/copper feel, which as you can tell from my blog is not usually my style.

I could always go with the all white & use blue for the island seating/curtains? I am le confused.

Let me know your thoughts, and THANK YOU so much for your continued support & of course for reading W 26! Like my page on the FaceBook here:!/pages/West-26-Bliss/393345634014304

Who knows...might be some giveaways/contests in the near future....:)

Monday, February 27, 2012

Man-friendly recipe.

Make this & it will be a huge hit. Guaranteed. I did a few thangs wrong (which I will share) and it was still delish.  Brett loved it....I loved it....our pups were jealous.  Oh, and our house smelled rillll good.

ALSO, please excuse my novice recipe posting skillz!  Some things that bug me about other blogs is that the recipe is super hard to follow & there are questions left unanswered. So, I'll try to make it as easy as possible.

  1. Get some bread.  French roll style bread. Or a baguette.  I seriously googled french roll to see what it looks like so I didn't look confused and lost in Central Market. No shame here.
  2. Cut the loaf in half but NOT all the way so that it can still fold over.
  3. Spread butter on one half & mayo on the other. As much as you want.
  4. Put in a toaster oven until you see the butter start to melt. {note: we only had a big oven to work with so I put it in the broiler on 500 degrees.  this BURNT the bread immediately & didn't toast it enough to get the crisp I wanted.  Lesson: if your broiler allows, turn down the heat to about 350 degrees.  If it doesn't, I recommend baking the bread in the oven around 350/400 until butter starts to melt}
  5. After you see butter melting, take out the bread.  Keep oven/toaster oven on.  Immediately put some avocados on thurr.  I eliminated this step b/c the hubs doesn't care for those green thangs.  But add some if you dare.
  6. Then layer thinly sliced turkey over the bread & avocados.  I used Boar's Head Oven Roasted turkey sliced to the thinnest the deli gurl allowed.  Put as much as you want.
  7. Next layer fully-cooked bacon.  I got the bacon ready earlier in the day & put about two slices.
  8. LAST BUT NOT LEAST. Lots of muenster cheese.  The type of cheese makes the sandwich. It's amaze.  Enough to cover all the bottom layers.
  9. After all that, put back in the oven/toaster oven until you see the cheese start to melt & bubble. It's easy to judge! Trust me, if I can do it, you can.
  10. Eat it, then wish you had more.
I served this with a side of sweet potato fries & of course beer.

Here is how mine turned out:

Ain't the prettiest dish, but good lawd it is good. 

Recipe List:
  • French Roll or Baguette
  • Butter
  • Mayo 
  • Avocado
  • Oven Roasted Deli Turkey
  • Fully cooked bacon
  • Muenster Cheese

I will learn to cook.

I'm taking a much needed break from unpacking (so.much.bubble.wrap) to announce a new part of this here bloggy blog.  I have to give all the credit to an awesome idea from my momma-in-law (love you, Cindy!).  Who, by the way, is a huge supporter, inspiration, and encouragement for my blog & my writing.  She suggested that I start writing all about my cooking adventures as a newlywed and a novice cook.

Let me give you a little background on my skillz in the kitch.  NONE.  I am the person who cooked eggs in the microwave, messed up Kraft mac n cheese (who does that?), and had to google "how to preheat an oven." Not kidding. Over the past year, I've decided that I WILL LEARN TO FREAKING COOK.  If it's the last dang thing I do. I will learn. So, I've been trying new recipes.  Brett & I took a cooking class.  I discovered Pinterest.  I conquered Cindy's chicken parm & cheesy, chicken enchiladas (h-e-a-v-e-n). 

Long story, short: I'm going to share recipes I try with you.  I'll tell you when I mess up.  I'll let you know if that recipe on Pinterest is worth it or not.  I WILL still blog about design, don't worry, & I WILL LEARN TO COOK! 

Thanks for the idea, Cindy!

Update: I now know how to properly cook eggs, make mac n cheese from scratch (kind of), and to safely operate an oven!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012



Basically that's my way of saying, I freaking love San Antonio.  Like LOVE. Like we can drive point 1 miles {as in .1} and be at the best enchilada/queso/margWITH-A-BEER-IN-IT places in town. And I'm talking under $30 for all this.  Dear El Tiempo, I love you {always}, but really?!

Now down to 'bizniz.  We have a bungalow in Alamo Heights.  She is adorbs.  I love when ADT, Direct TV, and random gate people come to the house and say "CUTE HOUSE y'all got here ma'am".  Makes my day, for trill.  We currently have a bed, two folding chairs, some clothes, pots & pans, and last but not least, a TV which my hubby got me just so I could watch the Grammy's #truelove.  And as much as my heart yearns to have a design update/post for you, it's just not the right time.  Mainly because we have the kitchen/bath miracle lady coming here on Friday & I know nothing until she can measure/observe the space.

What I do have for you is some other updates slash eye candy.

FIRST, have you met Jamie Meares from Furbish Studio?? LORD. I want everything in her studio.  Lucky for us, you can purchase stuffs online HERE.  Some highlights (aka stuff I need):

Go over there, buy something, then make me really jealous.  I may or may not have an exciting announcement soon (regarding Ms. Furbish Studio herself).  Stay tuned, folks.

Other thangs happening in real life....
SMASH is my new fav.  American Idol is my obsession as always.  Went to Miami this past weekend to celebrate my love, Jessie {now} Frank.

WHERE ARE MY HORNS? I blame the wine.

Before that, I got to relive college days with my fav Sarah (soon-to-be Luden) at her bach party in ATX. 

I LOVE HER!!!!!!!!! 2 weeks :)

 Loved catching up w/ Lex too, who is an important doctor/hospital/ER resident in NC.

I love that my college fam, no matter where we live or what we are doing, can all get together years later and it's like we never were apart. Now that's spesh.  Ok it's late, my pups are sleeping, the wine is gone, and my hubs is done with his work for the night.  Much love & talk soon.

xoxo, the suze

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

I have someone I'd like you to meet.....

Meet Ms. Blue Bonnet:

We don't know each other very well yet.  And we've only met once.  But I just know we're going to be BFF's.

You see, a lot has happened in the past month that I haven't really blogged about....until now.  The hubs & I have moved to San Antone.  The capital of margaritas and queso. I mean, could you even imagine anything more perfect for us?! We are here for two years then back to Houston after. And yes! We are still building our house.  But for now, I get to take all my ideas for W 26 (and some new ones, just wait!) and introduce them to Ms. Blue Bonnet.  She's going to love it. And all of YOU get to experience it step by step!

She is a beaut.  And obviously American.  She also has a hidden red porch swing (IT'S SO HARD TO CONTAIN MY EXCITEMENT OVER THIS) that will soon have some yummy blue outdoor pillers.  Which ones shall we get?

 Should we go with some chevron action.....

Or shall we live like the Greeks......

My heart patters for the Greek one, but alas I am still torn.  Maybe you lads can shine some insight. I'm pretty set on blue and it's hard to find (reasonably $$$) blue ikat outdoor pillows- which is where my heart REALLY lies. 

That whole dilemma aside, I hope that you will join us on our journey to make Ms. Blue Bonnet our own and grow to love her as much as I know we will.

the suze & Ms. BB