Tuesday, February 21, 2012



Basically that's my way of saying, I freaking love San Antonio.  Like LOVE. Like we can drive point 1 miles {as in .1} and be at the best enchilada/queso/margWITH-A-BEER-IN-IT places in town. And I'm talking under $30 for all this.  Dear El Tiempo, I love you {always}, but really?!

Now down to 'bizniz.  We have a bungalow in Alamo Heights.  She is adorbs.  I love when ADT, Direct TV, and random gate people come to the house and say "CUTE HOUSE y'all got here ma'am".  Makes my day, for trill.  We currently have a bed, two folding chairs, some clothes, pots & pans, and last but not least, a TV which my hubby got me just so I could watch the Grammy's #truelove.  And as much as my heart yearns to have a design update/post for you, it's just not the right time.  Mainly because we have the kitchen/bath miracle lady coming here on Friday & I know nothing until she can measure/observe the space.

What I do have for you is some other updates slash eye candy.

FIRST, have you met Jamie Meares from Furbish Studio?? LORD. I want everything in her studio.  Lucky for us, you can purchase stuffs online HERE.  Some highlights (aka stuff I need):

Go over there, buy something, then make me really jealous.  I may or may not have an exciting announcement soon (regarding Ms. Furbish Studio herself).  Stay tuned, folks.

Other thangs happening in real life....
SMASH is my new fav.  American Idol is my obsession as always.  Went to Miami this past weekend to celebrate my love, Jessie {now} Frank.

WHERE ARE MY HORNS? I blame the wine.

Before that, I got to relive college days with my fav Sarah (soon-to-be Luden) at her bach party in ATX. 

I LOVE HER!!!!!!!!! 2 weeks :)

 Loved catching up w/ Lex too, who is an important doctor/hospital/ER resident in NC.

I love that my college fam, no matter where we live or what we are doing, can all get together years later and it's like we never were apart. Now that's spesh.  Ok it's late, my pups are sleeping, the wine is gone, and my hubs is done with his work for the night.  Much love & talk soon.

xoxo, the suze


  1. i <3 this post!!! I was having withdrawals!!! and now i seriously want some new pillows...

  2. dont worry i have that ikat pillow in yellow and the spotted one is next on my list. i used it in my little e-design board where my boyfriend told me we were not having a leopard print rug ever and i screamed.


  3. Love you & your new blog doodle!!