Tuesday, January 29, 2013


WELL. I am officially in love with a doula.

After meeting with her last Friday & talking about it this weekend, we are 100% getting one! While most people use them for a labor coach, we're strictly getting one for after Cash is here. We do have family coming in town off and on, but since no one actually lives in SA, it will be so great to have someone who is basically on call 24/7.  And we all know I'm a worrier.

She makes sure Cash is getting enough nutrition in those first few weeks.  She's also a lactation consultant so she helps with breastfeeding.  She teaches us how to swaddle, how to give him a bath, helps with soothing and sleeping techniques.  In no way does she DO this stuff-- she's just there to teach/help/guide us.  SHE EVEN WILL DO LAUNDRY AND MAKE DINNER YALL.  Ok ok we aren't using her for that.  But she does make sure mom and dad are doing ok too-- she'll watch him if I want to sneak a bath in or just go on a walk.  What an angel.

On to the nursery...we made lots of headway this weekend! The proof is in the pics:

I am in love with that Ikea bookshelf.

In the top picture you can kind of see the current wall situation.  They are a blue gray now but definitely way more blue in person.  Part of me wants to just say whatevs and leave it since we will only be here 6 months (hopefully) after Cash is born.  Le sigh.  We will see how the next couple of weekends go with time etc, but I really don't think the blue gray will look THAT bad with everything going in thurr.  Hmmm.


Friday, January 25, 2013


HAPPY FRIDAY!  Recently peeps have been asking about how the house renovations turned out that I started blogging about pre-pregnancy.  So I finally got my act together and took some real fancy pics so you can see.  I did not style/declutter/organize for this impromptu photo shoot so excuse the stuffs.

Here was the kitchen before in all it's glory:

And tada:

We painted all cabinets white with ''antique'' clear gem cabinet pulls from Anthro.  The pendant lights are from West Elm.  Gray walls + marble subway tile back splash. Prob my favorite part of the kitchen is the big farmers sink and faucet which we found on major online discount.

And le bathroom before or should I say mid-demo:

And voila:

 New vanity/built in storage. And I die over those sconces.
 White walls & penny tile
 White subway tile (cheap, cheap @ Home Depot!)

We went with complete white in the bathroom.  My wallpaper dreams were crushed due to $$$ & my desire to paint the bathroom light pink was not practical for showing the house in the future.  PS. Do you like my framing job? It just fits so well in there.  Our gray shower curtain is currently getting a makeover at the monogram shop down the street (IN CORAL) but I am kind of loving the PB one that's taken its place.

Note to future Ryann: DO NOT DO ALL WHITE WITH 3 DOGS AND A BABY ON THE WAY.  It is constant cleaning and while it looks so pretty for this house-- never again.  I think next time I'd do dark grout in the tile to hide all the dirt & maybe not white counter tops in the kitchen where the dogs are constantly jumping and sniffing.

The painting contractor came over yesterday to do an estimate for Cash's nursery.  I thought it would be easier to just have someone do it and knock something else off our list.  Ok first of all the room is not that big.  Second of all we have given this guy so much business with the renovation of our house that I was thinking 100 or 200 dollars and boom. Done.  He emails me this morning- 550 DOLLARS!!!! To paint a little room.  And not even the trim or anything- just the walls.  Call me crazy but that is flat out ridiculous.  So we are going to tackle ourselves. And by we, I mean Brett ;).

I'm meeting with the doula today @ 11 and will prob do a post-doula-meeting-report later.



Wednesday, January 23, 2013


Let's take a look how things are coming together in my head.

One wall:

Other wall/corner:

We also have a matching changing table (THANK YOU MEGAN!!!) that will store the diapers slash essentials.  Like so:

And that leaves one whole wall completely blank.  And the tiny closet is NOT going to cut it with storing all his stuffs.  So I realized that we need some sort of dresser to store all his cute onesies, books, etc etc.  Then I came across these pics:

IKEA PEOPLE.  I am in love with IKEA.  Seriously, they have every decor item you could ever want for your abode for cheap(er).  So I drug (dragged?) Brett with me this past weekend and scooped up the Expedit Bookcase which will go on said blank wall.

But it will be flipped like second pic above.  And in the bottom 4 shelves will be cute rattan baskets.  That's where all his clothes that aren't hanging will go.

And the top 4 shelves will be for all of his books and stuffed animals on display.  I am LOVING the chalkboard in the second pic above and think I'll scoop one up to hang over it.

Along with obligatory globe.



Tuesday, January 22, 2013


Meet Franklin Cash Detamore!!

We are in love.

Most of the pictures we got from the 4D ultrasound were super fuzzy because for the first 45 minutes he wouldn't exactly cooperate :)  Apparently he has big feet, chubby cheeks, and "gorgeous lips''-- all per the ultrasound lady.  Basically he's extremely handsome. And HE IS A HE.  No doubting that.

I cannot believe we get to meet this little man in less than 2 months.  (50 days to be exact but who's counting?)

He's named Franklin after my dad, and Cash is the name we first fell in love with from the beginning.  He'll go by Cash officially :)

A big thank you to everyone for calming me down re: the doctor appointment fiasco.  I'm way way more relaxed about it thanks to y'all and he's been kicking just fine!  Now I'm in the process of researching and considering getting a postpartum doula to help out after he's born.  I know a lot of people use them for the birth process, but I feel like having some direction and help with feeding right after is the best choice for us.  If you have any recs for the SA area that would be just fabulous.  I love this blog and love all of you for reading it and always being there for advice!

ryann & baby Cash :)

Thursday, January 17, 2013


Majorly.  Normally I'm not one to complain or post bad days all over social media, but in the past this blog has given me an outlet to do just that and feel better.  And to get much needed advice.  (Sidenote: as I'm typing this, my entire salad spilled over in my lap and onto the floor.  Do you see a pattern here?)

And the venting begins....

I had a very early doctor's appointment this AM.  Started off with construction being done on our street WAY earlier than was indicated and having me to flag someone down to move the huge trucks that were confining me to our driveway.  Anyways, I thought it would be an easy in and out check up since I go every 2 weeks now and nothing has changed.  Usually I love my doctor but today she (and the nurses) sucked.  Like really sucked.  I've had my blood drawn MANY times, the latest being for my glucose test before Chrismtas time.  So she's looking at my chart and says by the way did you know you were a little anemic? Ummm no. Nobody has told me that? Or ever bothered to check my blood work? WTF?  She then says its nothing dangerous but that I need to be taking an iron supplement to build up the iron supply in my blood to prepare for birth and the after effects.  WHICH I COULD HAVE BEEN DOING THIS WHOLE TIME?  I'm sure it's not a huge deal, but no soon-to-be-mom wants to hear that news when she is going into labor in less than 2 months.  I half blame the nurses since I've had an issue with them relaying information before.

Then.  She talks to me about fetal kick counts.  Which I'm pretty sure should have been relayed or taught to me prior to being 32 weeks pregnant.  Maybe not which is fine I guess, but this whole kick count thing really really scared me today.  My saving grace these past 6 or 7 months has been going into the doctor, hearing his heartbeat, and reassuring me that everything is OK.  Well all that changed today when the doctor told me "none of that really tells us much about how the baby is actually doing.''  Great.  I have to pick an hour each day and make sure baby D is kicking at least 10 times.  If he's not then I need to come in to get monitored because something could be seriously wrong or at risk for stillbirth.  Now I KNOW that this is something every pregnant woman does and is very routine, but honestly it's making me a nervous wreck.   Of course I started counting while I was waiting for the next appointment and he maybe kicked like 5 times.  I feel like I'm going to dread this hour every single day until he is here.  This is where advice is highly needed if you have any.  Did you freak out about kick counts?  Am I overreacting? What if he doesn't kick that much every day?  Ugh. It just wasn't comforting to hear AT ALL.  And she made me really scared about it.

To wrap up everything, I come home to find a huge hole in front of our house and no way to get down the street.  So I have to park somewhere far (hoping my car doesnt get towed or broken into) and walk to our house.  Then I spilled my salad.  And now I'm hungry AND grumpy.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013


HALLO!  I've added a new item to the shop for your Tuesday enjoyment.

via etsy
Greek Key Pillow Cover — Hot Pink
via Design Darling
Both of these are 18 by 18 Pink Greek Key Pillows.  First one for $28 and second for $42.
Well I have the exact same pillow, 20 by 20 aka BIGGER, for $24.  Plus free shipping.  I love these as the anchor pillows on couches or throws for your bed.
Order here:

And thank you to everyone who has ordered stuff so far! I never thought it would be this fun going to ship things at the local mail store.  It gives me great joy.

In other news, we are off to Houston this weekend to spend some quality time with family and friends.  It's the last weekend I'm allowed to travel before the baby comes so things are really starting to sink in.  Brett & I were talking about the next time we'll actually be in Houston after this weekend-- JUNE PEOPLE.  Probably June.  That is like 5 months away & our lives will be completely changed and different (in amazing ways).  Eeeek I get emotional just thinking about it. 

That is all for now.


Friday, January 11, 2013


Drum roll please!

I introduce to D's own custom monogram! Made by yours truly.

<F D C>
Isn't he fancy? JK, really this was just made in Word.  I tried to do something cool & use this free printable one: Chevron Monogram.  But I couldn't get it to work and ain't no one got time for that. 

I know this isn't telling you his name or anything, but I wanted you to at least see his initials! Any guesses on what it could be?? We are quite obsessed, and I already have my eye on about a million things to get monogrammed.  It's going to be a problem.  Like my hoarding.



Thursday, January 10, 2013


Slowly but surely I'm adding new stuff to the shop link above.  The most recent addition is the Palm Leaf Pillow which I'm like super obsessed with.  My whole goal was to make pillows cheaper and more affordable and as you'll be able to see over the course of the month, I think I succeeded.  I think.  I hope.  I also suck at taking pictures and styling so that explains the quality.  Hopefully this weekend I'll get my act together and get more visible pics of thangs.  Until then....

I have my Palm Leaf Pillow listed for $32 plus free shipping.  Here is my (sad) pic:

And here are some "competitors" pics:

via Furbish

via Black Rooster
The first one retails for $65 & the second for $50.  They are the exact same pillur folks.  Just made with love by different people.

Here you can see the pillow being styled all fancy:

via Kelly Market
And my favorite peecture:

via coco + kelly
There are 4 available.  And if no one buys them I will keep them for myself and pray that my puppy doesn't chew them up.

In baby D news, this Saturday we go to another baby class from NINE TO FOUR.  My brain is going to melt.  Thank goodness the Texans play on Sunday or I would have surely crawled into a dark hole.  Or just watched the game on our iPad and get labeled the worst parents in the history of all baby classes.  ALSO, apparently this 3D ultrasound we have next week is supposed to show what our baby's face looks like?? Is this true? If so BRING IT ON.  I was doing it more to ensure he was an actual he since people have been scaring me.  Like the lady at Marble Slab who swears a girl will be gracing our lives in a few months.  And the lady at the gas station who can "tell by the way I am carrying" that he's a girl.  Psh.  Also, someone tried to steal our crib off our front porch yesterday but that's a whole other story.


Wednesday, January 9, 2013


I decided to try my hand at merging Blogger & PayPal and created the shop MISS BLUEBONNET on the tab above (to the right of the Home button).  This way all the products can be listed on one page!  Each item has it's own PayPal button below the image and description.

I'll be adding stuff periodically and already have some new items on there.

Have fun shopping :)


UPDATE: ALL OF THE LINKS TO PURCHASE ARE TO THE RIGHT! They are labeled individually so just click on the one that you want.  When an item sells out, I will take the PayPal link down! (Shoutout to Liz for being my first customer- she has some pretty malachite tray and coasters :)!!)

JK you really don't have to.  Here's whats happening: I'm in desperate need of clearing out some boxes I had been collecting for MISS BB that are taking up way too much space.  So naturally I thought I would start here to see if anyone would be interested.  I'll post pics below with the price.  Everything is FREE SHIPPING, assuming you live in Texas :) If not, then contact me.  If you ARE interested in any of the below items, email me at, fbook me, tweet me, comment on this post, comment on fbook. You get the point.  I plan on doing all (or none?) of the transactions via PayPal.  Here are the goods......Oh and everything is BRAND NEW in the box!


Faux Malachite Tray:

  • 8 by 12 tray
  • Perfect for jewels/mail/bar cart/console
  • Pantone's color of the year for 2013
  • PRICE: $26

Colorful Ikat Tray:
  • 8 by 12 tray
  • Purple, blues, whites
  • PRICE: $26

Same patterns also available in coasters.  Comes with 4. Would be cute for regular coaster or to hold your baubles in bedroom or bathroom! PRICE: $20


  • Available in Leopard Pink, Pink Flamingos, & Coral
  • 4 inch matchbox with 45 color tipped matches inside
  • Super cute next to candles, decorative bowls, or as gifts
  • PRICE: $6
Here are some closer pics:

I also have tons of pillows that I will be posting soon depending on reaction to this post :)



definitely don't need right now.  Everything we've been buying lately is for baby D, but sometimes I get the sudden urge (maybe nesting??) to redo things in our house.  Like 2 months ago, I neeeeeeded to redo our master bedroom bedding.  And before that I neeeeeeeeded a gallery wall.  So I get like a few things, stack the boxes, and am like ehh we probably shouldn't do this until we move into our house.  My husband prob thinks I am a HOARDER.  And I really kinda am.

I got these for our "gallery wall" that is definitely not happening any time soon:

And I want to add these to my hoarding collection:

For our bedroom I-want-to-impulse-purchase-but-will-restrain-myself:

Bloggers love this bedding (including Jamie Meares of Furbish who uses on her own bed) and super easy to have custom monogrammed.

Everything from this new shop I found:

This quilt for end of said bedding:

I am crazy.