Tuesday, January 22, 2013


Meet Franklin Cash Detamore!!

We are in love.

Most of the pictures we got from the 4D ultrasound were super fuzzy because for the first 45 minutes he wouldn't exactly cooperate :)  Apparently he has big feet, chubby cheeks, and "gorgeous lips''-- all per the ultrasound lady.  Basically he's extremely handsome. And HE IS A HE.  No doubting that.

I cannot believe we get to meet this little man in less than 2 months.  (50 days to be exact but who's counting?)

He's named Franklin after my dad, and Cash is the name we first fell in love with from the beginning.  He'll go by Cash officially :)

A big thank you to everyone for calming me down re: the doctor appointment fiasco.  I'm way way more relaxed about it thanks to y'all and he's been kicking just fine!  Now I'm in the process of researching and considering getting a postpartum doula to help out after he's born.  I know a lot of people use them for the birth process, but I feel like having some direction and help with feeding right after is the best choice for us.  If you have any recs for the SA area that would be just fabulous.  I love this blog and love all of you for reading it and always being there for advice!

ryann & baby Cash :)


  1. Grandma loves you, Little Buddy!

  2. AWWWWW ryann he is adorable and i love the name!!! i cant wait to see pictures!!!