Tuesday, January 29, 2013


WELL. I am officially in love with a doula.

After meeting with her last Friday & talking about it this weekend, we are 100% getting one! While most people use them for a labor coach, we're strictly getting one for after Cash is here. We do have family coming in town off and on, but since no one actually lives in SA, it will be so great to have someone who is basically on call 24/7.  And we all know I'm a worrier.

She makes sure Cash is getting enough nutrition in those first few weeks.  She's also a lactation consultant so she helps with breastfeeding.  She teaches us how to swaddle, how to give him a bath, helps with soothing and sleeping techniques.  In no way does she DO this stuff-- she's just there to teach/help/guide us.  SHE EVEN WILL DO LAUNDRY AND MAKE DINNER YALL.  Ok ok we aren't using her for that.  But she does make sure mom and dad are doing ok too-- she'll watch him if I want to sneak a bath in or just go on a walk.  What an angel.

On to the nursery...we made lots of headway this weekend! The proof is in the pics:

I am in love with that Ikea bookshelf.

In the top picture you can kind of see the current wall situation.  They are a blue gray now but definitely way more blue in person.  Part of me wants to just say whatevs and leave it since we will only be here 6 months (hopefully) after Cash is born.  Le sigh.  We will see how the next couple of weekends go with time etc, but I really don't think the blue gray will look THAT bad with everything going in thurr.  Hmmm.



  1. You will love, love, love having a doula - the wealth of knowledge that they will share, and the calming effects they impart are worth so much. Please don't forget my offer too.:)

  2. I am so happy that y'all are getting a doula, Ryann. You have offers for help from my sister and Alicia, and you've got me coming for sure!!! You, Brett, and Cash will do just fine!

  3. I have two of those ikea bookshelves and I love them!!! Love them in white for the nursery! My friend had a doula and just gave birth last weekend and she loved having her too!!!

Holly Foxen Wells

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