Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Outdoor Bliss

In just THREE leeeeeetle weeks, I will be RYANN SUZANNE DETAMORE. Yes, I am dropping the Stanley completely. Mainly so certain people (you know who you are) will stop calling me Manly Stanley once and for all. Well mostly mainly because I love my man and want to completely be Mrs. Detamore.  None of that hyphen business, and ESPECIALLY none of the Kim K move and keep the Kardashian all together.  We won't even go there. Ahhh the kids shall call me Mrs. D and it will be fab.

Now onto business.  I'd thought I'd post some outdoor eye candy for you to ponder over on this fine Wednesday afternoon. And maybe give you a little sneak peek of W26 outdoorsy side.
Pinned Image
via Trad Home
McDreamy porch.

Pinned Image
Does this really exist in real life?

Pinned Image
via Lonny
cabana + pool + CHANDELIERS. Need I say more.

For W26th, there might be some of this going on....

Pinned Image

....paired with this

Stay tuned.

Ryann Suzanne (almost) Detamore

Friday, November 4, 2011


In the words of Bryan Adams, "Please forgiiiiiiiive me."  It's been a whole TWO weeks since I've posted on here.  And folks, that is way way too long.  I'm deeply sorry, but things have been crayzay in the Detamore household.  Wedding is less than a month away, peeps have been sick, and my most favoritest person had a birthday (which obv took TOP priority).  Unfortunately, I don't have a new room update for you or a new wallpaper discovery.  But what I DO have is some updates on our Heights casa.  I never expected this bloggy blog to have almost 900 viewings so far. NINE HUNDRED.  That just makes me all warm and fuzzy inside.  I can't tell you how happy it makes me or how much it makes my day when you guys tell me how much you love reading this blog.  I am thankful times infinti and beyond.

So I want to keep you guys updated and in the loop throughout our whole house process.  From pics of construction, to wallpaper samples arriving, down to the fixture choices we make, and finally the finished product! VOILAAAAAAA. 

We had a meeting with our builder last weekend and everythang is taking off fast. RILL FAST, in a great way.  I'm trying to learn all about these fancy construction terms, so I'll do my best.  We have geotechs coming to the lot, peeps taking soil samples (think it's called topography survey??), and civil engineers working on our floodplain mitigation plan.  I know I left some things out slash got some terminology wrong BUT as you can see, things are really starting to come together.  Our builder told us to start thinking about finishes, and cabinets, and floors, and whole lot of other decisions...which might seem overwhelming, but we could not be more excited or prepared for everything coming our way!  Brett's dad has done an AMAZING, amazing job on our house plans, and we couldn't have dreamed of a more perfect place for us to live in.

Without further adieu, I would like to introduce you to the basics of our new casa:
  • 3 bedrooms + office
  • 3 1/2 bathrooms (powder room downstairs which may or may not feature a certain cowboyish, Texan wallpaper...)
  • Laundry Room with built in dog kennels for our puppies
  • Kitchen
  • Dining Room
  • Full Bar which may or may not have a yummy margarita machine coming our way...
  • Living Room
  • Mud Room
  • Front and Back porches that will be the nesting spot of a lovely porch swang
That is all I can reveal for now, but I shall have more for you guys as time goes on.

Happy Friday and I hope all you lovelies have the perfect weekend! Ours will be filled with birthday celebrations, friends, and a whole lotta football.

Hook'em Horns, Go Gators, and GOOOOO TEXANS!

Sunday, October 23, 2011

I'm lovin it.

And by it, I don't mean McDonalds (although I do love me some McFlurrys...m&m plz).  I'm talking bout this wallpaper:

via Peppermint Bliss

Focus your lil eyes on the silver beauty.  From afar, I'm all like what is that weird fancy schmany pattern? Don't know if I'm on board.  But then if you look rillllll close, you'll be amazed. Promise. Pinky swear.  Seeeeee:

What? Oil rigs?! Cowboys? Horses? FOOTBALL HELMETS?! Shut the front door.  I mean what Texan wouldn't love this? Not to mention it's the perfect amount of boyish, so fiance obviously approves.  And it comes in all sorts of lovely shades.

Ooo la la.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Glow in the Dark? O'RLY?

It's just Tuesday and I'm already BURSTIN' with inspiration. Just bursting. Filled to the brim.  Like the two cups of coffeeeeeeeeeee I had this morning. Calm down, Ryann.  Ya see, our tile samples we ordered came in last Friday (sidenote: it felt like Christmas morning!!!! minus the mimosas and stockings).  And Brett & I sat down to pick out our faves and to eliminate the why-did-she-send-us-those ones.  Within the goods was this penny tile that is just so dainty, simple, and perf for what our Guest Bathroom will look like.

She will go on da floor.

The walls will be dressed in Hague Blue by Farrow and Ball.  This ain't just any ole paint peeps. It's HIGH GLOSS Hague Blue....swoon.  I gosta show y'all some pics so you can get the full effect:

Miles Redd

Elle Decor

And a big, big thanks to Peppermint Bliss who blogged about this wallpaper. It shall go on the ceiling of the GB:

AND......I don't think ya ready for dis jelly......IT GLOWS IN THE DARK. Yah, the lil stars glow-in-the-dark. Imma faint.

For the fab lighting, I go back to my dream wishlist.  Because let's be honest, it just fits right in PERFECTLY.

EEEEEEEEEEK.  Gives me da chills just thinkin' bout it.

I'd add some other lil knick knacks in there too, like so:

Pre de Provence Tangerine Soap 200g Bar
4 dolla, holla

We are now taking reservations.



Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Master Bedroom

My eyes hurt.  I've been cropping, dragging, copying, pasting & trying-to-get-the-dang-word-doc-to-convert-to-a-jpeg for the last two hours.  Le sigh.  After all my trials and tribulations, this is the final inspiration board my tired lil head put together:

I didn't have time to number each one and reveal my sources.  But I'm hoping it will go a little something like this......

Benjamin Moore Grey paint for the walls, yum.  The bed will have a tufted brown leather headboard and the bedding will be all black and white with a hint of grey.  Main duvet and pillows are black Leontine Linens, monogrammed, ob-vee-uss-lee.  Accent pillow in Greek key print from Etsy.  The sheets will also have a Greek key trim in white.  See what I did there?  Over the bed will hang a lovely, dainty Starburst mirror from Crate and Barrell to pop against the grey wall.  To go along with the black and white beddings, the curtains will have the same thang goin on.  For the side tables, I'm thinking black lacquer cubes with purty lil gold lamps to live on top.  Old chair reupholstered in Osborne and Little checkered fabric seen above (black, grey, brown).  OHHH maybe with a nice velvety black pillur.  Then some extra thangs in there like the brown/white cowhide bench to go at the end of the headboard.  And every master bedroom, needs a bar cart, right?

When it's all said and done, I'm hoping it will kinda, sorta, maybe look like a combo of all the rooms seen here:

Pinned Image

Pinned Image

Pinned Image

Pinned Image

Minus the big ole zebra friend.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Powdah Room Version 2.0

char·treuse: a pale yellow or green color resembling liquer made from brandy.

Sounds like my kinda color.  Since I did my original post on our flowery/pinkish/green powder room, I have learned that the wallpaper is discontinued. No longer in service.  Out of commission. Caput. Sayanara suckers.

So I shall start from scratch.  I'm actually happier with this room than the original.  The inspiration in theeeeeees beauty:

Sillhouettes are so-hot-right-now in the design world.  And these boys and gals are chartreuse so it's PERF.  If we went with green in the dining room + gray in the kitchen, this would make for the most wonderfullest combo of the two. Dontcha think?

Tack on some of these Anthro goodies to the door:


And get this, she is only SEVENTY-NINE bones. 79!!!!! Rill nice, rilllllll nice.

On another note, totally unrelated.....
I have my first alterations fitting manana for my dream dress.  And of course that means today I am craving THIS

(no mayo or tomatoes plz)  BUT I'm going to be good and eat this just-as-good lunch instead:

You fancy, huh.
 WILLPOWER Ryann, willpower.  Have a lovely day.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Chirp, chirp


Double ohmygawd.  Peeps, you have now met a celebrity.  A REAL LIFE CELEBRITY.  I introduce you to the Birdcage Bedroom.  By Miles Redd (we'll come back to him lata).  Featured in Domino Magazine.   Throughout all my recent adventures into the blogging world, I have come to know that this room is famous among interior designers.  But, these are my confesssioooonssss (U-S-H-E-R-R-A-Y-M-O-N-D nowtellmewhatyouwannado): It wasn't love at first sight. Yeah, I admit it.  But the more I pondered it, the more I was like I can TOTALLY redo this room ala budget friendly ways.  The more research I did, the more I got to learn about budgeting "designer" rooms.  And it made me all giddy inside, reaallll giddy.  I can so see this room as a guest room at our new casa (please babe, pwetty pwetty pleaaaaaaase).  Without further adieu.....

The wallpaper: the real thang is just not happening.  The birds are De Gourney and they are $650 per panel MINIMUM.  I mean really? Don't get me wrong, I can stare at De Gourney pieces all day, but that is just ree-deec-ulous.  So I'm gonna have to go with a much pocket-friendlier substitute:

That'll do pig, that'll do.

Now for the bed.  You can get some nice alternates as seen below:

PB Teen- $799

Personally, I can live without the whole "bird cage" feel of the bed.  It makes me wanna drape fabric all around. And build a tent.  And play hide and seek.  So LUCKY MEEEEE, my parents graced me with this beauty a couple years ago for Chreeeestmas....thanks Frank and Suzanne!!

The lovely lil' turquoise end tables could be a splurge:

Jonathan Adler- $150

Or you could go all DIY and really impress yourself:

IKEA- $10
 Spray paint some blue on thurr and make it work.

I'm in lurv with these lamps:

Robert Abbey
 AND these Leontine Linens (obviously):

But I could SO be happy with diisss, just the same:
The rug.  She is Madeleine Weinrib...and peeps, she just can't be copied.  Just can't.  So if you splurge on anything, do it here.

If this all came true, I'd just roll ovah and die.

The Suze

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Is it too early for a Christmas list?

But seriously.  I mean it's not even it bad that I'm already drafting my "dream" X-mas list?  That's what happens when you rummage the internets and come across something that you just HAVE TO HAVE.  Then you click on it and you're all like YESSSSSSS, I have found where you came from.  Then you scroll down and see it. Right there....they want HOW MUCH for HOW MANY COOKIES?  Psh, I can get that Ikea for half the price.  But you know you really can't.  That's when I add it to my dream list.  So folks, here it is, in all it's unattainable glory.

Zodiac Pendant via Circa

Can you just imagine this?

Miles Redd
  All furniture from Anthro, but specifically this yummy chartreuse couch:


Lilly Pulitzer
Paule Marrot Feathers
As seen on Peppermint Bliss & House Beautiful:

Isn't it all dreamy?

All this Christmas talk is really getting me into the jingle bell spirit.  With that said, I shall leave you with my faaaaaavorite Xmas song: