Sunday, October 23, 2011

I'm lovin it.

And by it, I don't mean McDonalds (although I do love me some McFlurrys...m&m plz).  I'm talking bout this wallpaper:

via Peppermint Bliss

Focus your lil eyes on the silver beauty.  From afar, I'm all like what is that weird fancy schmany pattern? Don't know if I'm on board.  But then if you look rillllll close, you'll be amazed. Promise. Pinky swear.  Seeeeee:

What? Oil rigs?! Cowboys? Horses? FOOTBALL HELMETS?! Shut the front door.  I mean what Texan wouldn't love this? Not to mention it's the perfect amount of boyish, so fiance obviously approves.  And it comes in all sorts of lovely shades.

Ooo la la.

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