Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Glow in the Dark? O'RLY?

It's just Tuesday and I'm already BURSTIN' with inspiration. Just bursting. Filled to the brim.  Like the two cups of coffeeeeeeeeeee I had this morning. Calm down, Ryann.  Ya see, our tile samples we ordered came in last Friday (sidenote: it felt like Christmas morning!!!! minus the mimosas and stockings).  And Brett & I sat down to pick out our faves and to eliminate the why-did-she-send-us-those ones.  Within the goods was this penny tile that is just so dainty, simple, and perf for what our Guest Bathroom will look like.

She will go on da floor.

The walls will be dressed in Hague Blue by Farrow and Ball.  This ain't just any ole paint peeps. It's HIGH GLOSS Hague Blue....swoon.  I gosta show y'all some pics so you can get the full effect:

Miles Redd

Elle Decor

And a big, big thanks to Peppermint Bliss who blogged about this wallpaper. It shall go on the ceiling of the GB:

AND......I don't think ya ready for dis jelly......IT GLOWS IN THE DARK. Yah, the lil stars glow-in-the-dark. Imma faint.

For the fab lighting, I go back to my dream wishlist.  Because let's be honest, it just fits right in PERFECTLY.

EEEEEEEEEEK.  Gives me da chills just thinkin' bout it.

I'd add some other lil knick knacks in there too, like so:

Pre de Provence Tangerine Soap 200g Bar
4 dolla, holla

We are now taking reservations.



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