Saturday, October 1, 2011

Is it too early for a Christmas list?

But seriously.  I mean it's not even it bad that I'm already drafting my "dream" X-mas list?  That's what happens when you rummage the internets and come across something that you just HAVE TO HAVE.  Then you click on it and you're all like YESSSSSSS, I have found where you came from.  Then you scroll down and see it. Right there....they want HOW MUCH for HOW MANY COOKIES?  Psh, I can get that Ikea for half the price.  But you know you really can't.  That's when I add it to my dream list.  So folks, here it is, in all it's unattainable glory.

Zodiac Pendant via Circa

Can you just imagine this?

Miles Redd
  All furniture from Anthro, but specifically this yummy chartreuse couch:


Lilly Pulitzer
Paule Marrot Feathers
As seen on Peppermint Bliss & House Beautiful:

Isn't it all dreamy?

All this Christmas talk is really getting me into the jingle bell spirit.  With that said, I shall leave you with my faaaaaavorite Xmas song:

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