Tuesday, September 27, 2011


Excuse my language.  I'm sorry, but I am quite angry.  Maybe I'm just reaaaally naive or something, but HOW HARD IS IT TO GET WALLPAPER these days. I mean seriously.  For example, I go to Sherman Williams- "I would like to see the Waverly Light Garden wallpaper"..."Ummm we don't have that? Check online." Me: "I did, it says you have it."...."Weird it's not showing up in our system." (Disclaimer: they were actually really nice and helpful but my frustration is causing me to over exaggerate)

That was my first clue that this might be harder than I thought. Then flashback to yesterday.  Call a they-who-shall-not-be-named place in Houston that claim to have Osborne and Little wallpaper. 
Me (very politely I might add): "Yes ma'am, I have a question regarding wallpaper."
She-who-must-not-be-named: "Yeah, what do you want."
I just wanted to scream REWD at her and hang up. But I persisted. 
"I need me some O & L wallpaper."
Her: "We only sell to registered designers."
Me: "What? OK? Thanks?"
Her: "Try Wallpapers-To-Go." (Hint hint she needs to be fired)

Then I tried my luck in Austin...YEP you guessed it, registered designers only. WTH? Are they kidding me? Again, maybe my naivety speaking.

SO THEN I call the mother ship herself- Osborne & Little in New York. No you did-int. Oh yes I did.  Got real excited, then got real sad again.  Yep, interior designers only.  The layday was super super nice and helped me out by recommending a store in their building who sells it to 3rd parties.  Am I a 3rd party?!?!?! WHY YES I AM. Little old me who doesn't have a registered design license.  I think she felt bad for me when I exclaimed...I JUST WANT SOME WALK IN THE PARK WALLPAPER.

So I call up Jason. Why of course ma'am we can get you the wallpaper...Oh you live in Texas? No problem, we can ship it to you....You can order whatever you want.


Oh but ma'am, BTW, we charge 20% more than the normal price. Plus tax. Plus shipping & handling.  There ain't no thing as a free lunch people.

The way I see it my options are:
A) Pay 20% over normal (plz don't make me)
B) Go back to design school for 3 years, take my test, become a registered designer, and get all the discounts I want. Mwahahaha #notgonnahappen
C) Befriend a registered interior designer, let them get the loot, and owe them my life.  I'll even throw in my teacher's discount whenever they want. 15% off at J CREW or Office Max? Come onnnnn.

Point of the story is, this is proving harder than I thought.  But these things take hard work, and I know in the end it shall all be worth it.

Xoxo, RSS soon to be RSD

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Guest Room #2 Inspiration

Hungry Palette

Katie Ridder

Dining Room UPDATE

I think I found the answer to my colorless dining room fears. As I mentioned earlier, there is to be a bar (top priority) which will be right next to the dining area.  BARSTOOLS are where lies the truth. BARSTOOOOLS people.  We can have all the color we desire there. Mwahahaha.


Kartell Ghost Bar Stools
I am thinking either green or yellow or light blue or smoke gray.......HOW CAN YOU EVER DECIDE.  But seeeeeee:

I'm thinking I might be slightly in favor of the green..... 
I mean...margaritas are green...we love margaritas...coincedence? I think not.

De Gournay
 How can I make this happen in real life?


Is it noon yet? I'm waiting patiently for the game to start, laundry to finish, and new inspiration to come to me for the house.  I really don't know what happened to me this weekend.  I've been cooking, baking, waking up super early, AND I walked 3 miles this morning at 7 AM. Yeah, you hurrd me.  I don't even know who I am anymore.

On another note, MY FIANCE GETS BACK FROM HIS FISHING TRIP  IN EXACTLY 7 HOURS!!!!!! Can you tell I'm just a leeeeetle excited.

I think I shall do a post on the dining room today.  The layout of it is going to look something like this (excuse the novice Paint skills):

This is completely just a draft, and I'm only using that to give me an idea of how the color can flow niceeeely and perfectly.  The bar is to the left which I will revisit later.  Brett and I want an awesome distressed looking wooden table to be the main focal point.  Kinda like these..maybe?

It could be round-ish (via Jayson Home)

Or it could be square (via Pottery Barn)
It's just gosta be wood peoples.  I saw a lovely one at Z-Gallerie this weekend and despite all my Googling ability I am unable to find a pic for the life of me.  But it was a beauty.  Actually the more I look at the Pottery Barn one, the less I am in love....

I'm torn about the chairs and the wall color.  The kitchen will be a pewter gray on the walls with white/gray/silver accents around it.  Does the dining room HAVE to have color then?  Because I am reaaaaaally loving the look/texture/feel of some black velvet dining chairs.  Yes-sir-eeeeeeeee. Like so:

  As I'm browsing the w-w-w, I FOUND SOMETHING LOVELY:

She is stunning.  Definitely 938420394 times better than the PB one. Thank you, Restoration Hardware.  You never fail me. (Shoutout to KG and her dream couch)
OK I am back on track now, ready to focus.  So now we be lookin like this:

Again, I apologize for the paint skillz.  As the two side chairs, I am absolutely-head-over-heels for these beauties:

I DIEEEEEEEEEEE.  They really are so purty (and I wish they were cheaper).  Do not fear though-- if you want the most bang for your buck, you can find a similar one at Z Gallerie for $159.99.  Yesssssssssssss.

This is where I'm bothered.  So far in the dining room there is a wooden table, four black velvet chairs, and two clear "ghost" chairs.  I love love love love the different textures with the wood, velvet, and lucite.  I just don't know if I can part.  But then part of me is like SCRATCH IT ALL let's have some COLOR:

And some wallpaper!!
And striped chairs!!
And let's get reallllll crazy with this!!

(Just kidding babe!!!!)

But alas, I think my heart lies with simplicity.  Maybe mix up the black velvet with some blue or sumfin.  But doesn't this look just awesome?

Peppermint Bliss
Imagine instead of monkey, there was a fabulous William Wegman piece:

There's our color!!!!!!! :)

Happy Sunday peeps and GO TEXANS.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011


....and I'm really really REALLY really (times infiniti) excited.  But this post has nothing to do with that. I just thought you all should know.

This is the picture for the inspurration for our keetchen:

Peppermint Bliss OBVIOUSLY
Everything about it is just genious. 

Add a little Benjamin Moore Pewter to our walls:

Mixed with some subway tile action. Sidenote: We've always known we wanted subway tile, and me thinks it really does add the classic look to a kitchen. 

Gosta have some white cabinets...some solid and some clear glass:

For the countertops, Peppermint Bliss used a Silestone in concrete is a better pic:

I L-U-R-V that. But I also lurv this look with the white countertops:

Whatchu dedicated followahs think? Dark or white?

Here are some more extra thangs we want to incorporate:

Built-In Cookbook Shelves
Clear Knobs- Anthropologie

Clear & Silver Handles- Anthropologie

Island Seating via Lonny (hello mr. owl)
Island Seating/Subway Tile via Houzz

And to hang above all this fabulous-ness:

Restoration Hardware

Some of you may be thinking...where all the colors be?  Don't worry, these guys are here to save the day:

Love me some red knobs
Cherry Red Le Creuset Dishes
I think they add the *perfect* splash of color that our kitchen will need.

And what is a kitchen without cookie jars?!

Just precious.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Living Room Inspiration Board

Happy Monday peeps!

For today's post, I thought I'd do an inspiration board (my first one!!!!).  I picture our future living room to be calm, comfy, but still have a fun edge that will match the rest of the house.  ENJOY!

2. Benjamin Moore Paint in Ice Blue
4. Target Mirrored Console Table: $249.99   *half the cost of the West Elm and looks just as great*

And ladies and gents, here are some great, fun alternatives to the above if you are looking for the most bang-for-your-buck.

Insetad of the $175 Indigo Pillow try theees:
20 x 14 Ikat Zig Zag Lumbar pillow cover Sapphire Blue

$25 Etsy
Or theeees lovely trinket:
Kravet Bansuri ikat pillow cover in Iris Blue - 20 x 20
$45 Etsy

Instead of the $499 West Elm Yellow chair above, opt for this chair via Target (it adds a different feel of texture too, which I lurv):

Canary Print Slipper Chair - Yellow
$299.99 Target
As long as you get a feel for what you like, there are ALWAYS other options!

And finally, the original picture of the room that inspiahed it all....


Friday, September 16, 2011

Clos-ette, voila.

I would like to introduce you to Clos-ette (aka Ryann's closet) that I have dreamed up for West26. I'm so happy with it that I CANNOT WAIT to start designing Mr. Claus (B's closet). 

She, clos-ette, shall look something like this beauty:

Except she will be totally unique.
She will have wood floors.
She will have her Pink Moment (via Sherman Williams).

Yes, that is PAINT versus wallpaper. BUT RYANN, you are obsessed with wallpaper!  Don't freak out just yet: she will have her wallpaper on the ceiling. Yes, the ceiling. Impressed? I thought so.

Osborne & Little of course
All her precious clothes will hang on these:

Her dresser that holds the essentials will look sumfin like this:

Bennett Collection- Lowboy dresser

I need to sit down when debating what to wear right?  So this little piece would do just fine.

Nate Berkus

Me thinks it really deserves some pillows draped in this eye candy:

BUT RYANN how do you see when you get ready?
By the light of the gold chandelier OBV:

Do you see a trend here? Pink & gold are just delicious. 
To top it off (just because you can), why not add this mastah-piece?

Elegant piglet.
Loose change can add up peoples.