Wednesday, September 21, 2011


....and I'm really really REALLY really (times infiniti) excited.  But this post has nothing to do with that. I just thought you all should know.

This is the picture for the inspurration for our keetchen:

Peppermint Bliss OBVIOUSLY
Everything about it is just genious. 

Add a little Benjamin Moore Pewter to our walls:

Mixed with some subway tile action. Sidenote: We've always known we wanted subway tile, and me thinks it really does add the classic look to a kitchen. 

Gosta have some white cabinets...some solid and some clear glass:

For the countertops, Peppermint Bliss used a Silestone in concrete is a better pic:

I L-U-R-V that. But I also lurv this look with the white countertops:

Whatchu dedicated followahs think? Dark or white?

Here are some more extra thangs we want to incorporate:

Built-In Cookbook Shelves
Clear Knobs- Anthropologie

Clear & Silver Handles- Anthropologie

Island Seating via Lonny (hello mr. owl)
Island Seating/Subway Tile via Houzz

And to hang above all this fabulous-ness:

Restoration Hardware

Some of you may be thinking...where all the colors be?  Don't worry, these guys are here to save the day:

Love me some red knobs
Cherry Red Le Creuset Dishes
I think they add the *perfect* splash of color that our kitchen will need.

And what is a kitchen without cookie jars?!

Just precious.

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