Sunday, September 25, 2011


Is it noon yet? I'm waiting patiently for the game to start, laundry to finish, and new inspiration to come to me for the house.  I really don't know what happened to me this weekend.  I've been cooking, baking, waking up super early, AND I walked 3 miles this morning at 7 AM. Yeah, you hurrd me.  I don't even know who I am anymore.

On another note, MY FIANCE GETS BACK FROM HIS FISHING TRIP  IN EXACTLY 7 HOURS!!!!!! Can you tell I'm just a leeeeetle excited.

I think I shall do a post on the dining room today.  The layout of it is going to look something like this (excuse the novice Paint skills):

This is completely just a draft, and I'm only using that to give me an idea of how the color can flow niceeeely and perfectly.  The bar is to the left which I will revisit later.  Brett and I want an awesome distressed looking wooden table to be the main focal point.  Kinda like these..maybe?

It could be round-ish (via Jayson Home)

Or it could be square (via Pottery Barn)
It's just gosta be wood peoples.  I saw a lovely one at Z-Gallerie this weekend and despite all my Googling ability I am unable to find a pic for the life of me.  But it was a beauty.  Actually the more I look at the Pottery Barn one, the less I am in love....

I'm torn about the chairs and the wall color.  The kitchen will be a pewter gray on the walls with white/gray/silver accents around it.  Does the dining room HAVE to have color then?  Because I am reaaaaaally loving the look/texture/feel of some black velvet dining chairs.  Yes-sir-eeeeeeeee. Like so:

  As I'm browsing the w-w-w, I FOUND SOMETHING LOVELY:

She is stunning.  Definitely 938420394 times better than the PB one. Thank you, Restoration Hardware.  You never fail me. (Shoutout to KG and her dream couch)
OK I am back on track now, ready to focus.  So now we be lookin like this:

Again, I apologize for the paint skillz.  As the two side chairs, I am absolutely-head-over-heels for these beauties:

I DIEEEEEEEEEEE.  They really are so purty (and I wish they were cheaper).  Do not fear though-- if you want the most bang for your buck, you can find a similar one at Z Gallerie for $159.99.  Yesssssssssssss.

This is where I'm bothered.  So far in the dining room there is a wooden table, four black velvet chairs, and two clear "ghost" chairs.  I love love love love the different textures with the wood, velvet, and lucite.  I just don't know if I can part.  But then part of me is like SCRATCH IT ALL let's have some COLOR:

And some wallpaper!!
And striped chairs!!
And let's get reallllll crazy with this!!

(Just kidding babe!!!!)

But alas, I think my heart lies with simplicity.  Maybe mix up the black velvet with some blue or sumfin.  But doesn't this look just awesome?

Peppermint Bliss
Imagine instead of monkey, there was a fabulous William Wegman piece:

There's our color!!!!!!! :)

Happy Sunday peeps and GO TEXANS.

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