Tuesday, November 26, 2013


....but that's OK because last night we felt her kick for the FIRST TIME and that alone makes it all worth it. Our lives have been so busy lately-- Cash is crawling everywhere and his new favorite game is ''I'm gonna get youuuuuuuu!" We've been trying to get our house in order before our very first holiday party with Brett's family.  And most of our furniture is finally coming in, which makes me tremendously happy.  PS. The holidays are the BEST time to order furniture. Sales are everywhere and we haven't paid full price yet for big items! For example, today I got baby girls rug for 70% off. (RUGS USA, do it)

And high on my Christmas wishlist is this leetle animal print for her nursery:

 On a more serious note, Cashy has his surgery on Monday and I'm officially a mess about it :( I know he's in good hands but the thought of him going under anesthesia is making me a nervous wreck. I just want my little man to be ok! Please send prayers and thoughts our way for a healthy and successful procedure!

Hope everyone has a Happy Thanksgiving! gobble. gobble.


Tuesday, November 19, 2013


with the months flying by until baby girl is born, i've had a lot of time before bed to think about cashy's birth story.  i find myself hoping and praying that this time it's different. that we have a good experience. a normal one.

we didn't get to bring cashy home from the hospital after 1 or 2 days.  we had to go back to the NICU. we had to worry constantly.  i had no break between contractions, ever.  i caught a high fever during delivery. selfishly, i want baby girl's birth experience to be so different. so badly.

first i'm thankful we're in houston. we'll be surrounded by family and friends. i trust our doctors and the hospital here a million times more. and if possible pleaaaase don't let me be induced. pitocin and i don't get along.

ok emotional post over.

and happy 8 months to the best, big boy in the whole world.


Tuesday, November 12, 2013


I'm not even sure I know what a papaya is.

Earlier today I thought of like a million things to write (complain) about, but now that I have some free time everything escapes me.  I'm still exhausted all.the.time.-- where is that burst of energy you're supposed to get?! I think with Cash I felt like amazing from 19 weeks and beyond. With this baby, its like sucking the life out of me. Ok that was a little harsh, but y'all, pregnancy HATES me.  If you had a great/smooth/nausea free/loving life/glowing pregnancy, then you are the luckiest people on the face of the earth. And I also want to slap you juuuuuuuuust a little bit.  Nah, I'm beyond the jealous point because in like 17 weeks and 6 days I will never have to be pregnant again and that alone gives me the greatest joy (besides getting a beautiful baby girl of course).

Ok ok enough with the complaining.....I think we've almost decided on a name. It's down to 2 and in my gut I know the one that's meant for baby D, but I'm just not ready to commit yet. Plus the middle name has to flow perfectly, ya know?  I've been going insane on scooping up pretty thangs for her, and Brett might kill me soon if he comes home to another package on our front door step ;)  Just kidding, he loves girl things invading our household.  Here;s some stuff in case you want to copy (because who wouldn't).


baby toms...i mean
cutest thing ever
I really hope I can blog more soon because I misses it big time.