Tuesday, November 19, 2013


with the months flying by until baby girl is born, i've had a lot of time before bed to think about cashy's birth story.  i find myself hoping and praying that this time it's different. that we have a good experience. a normal one.

we didn't get to bring cashy home from the hospital after 1 or 2 days.  we had to go back to the NICU. we had to worry constantly.  i had no break between contractions, ever.  i caught a high fever during delivery. selfishly, i want baby girl's birth experience to be so different. so badly.

first i'm thankful we're in houston. we'll be surrounded by family and friends. i trust our doctors and the hospital here a million times more. and if possible pleaaaase don't let me be induced. pitocin and i don't get along.

ok emotional post over.

and happy 8 months to the best, big boy in the whole world.


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  1. Oh, mama. I so hope and pray that this time around is better for you and baby girl. It's not selfish to want your baby to be healthy and the delivery to be easy. It's hard not to worry now that you've been through it once. Lots of hugs and love!!!