Tuesday, November 26, 2013


....but that's OK because last night we felt her kick for the FIRST TIME and that alone makes it all worth it. Our lives have been so busy lately-- Cash is crawling everywhere and his new favorite game is ''I'm gonna get youuuuuuuu!" We've been trying to get our house in order before our very first holiday party with Brett's family.  And most of our furniture is finally coming in, which makes me tremendously happy.  PS. The holidays are the BEST time to order furniture. Sales are everywhere and we haven't paid full price yet for big items! For example, today I got baby girls rug for 70% off. (RUGS USA, do it)

And high on my Christmas wishlist is this leetle animal print for her nursery:

 On a more serious note, Cashy has his surgery on Monday and I'm officially a mess about it :( I know he's in good hands but the thought of him going under anesthesia is making me a nervous wreck. I just want my little man to be ok! Please send prayers and thoughts our way for a healthy and successful procedure!

Hope everyone has a Happy Thanksgiving! gobble. gobble.


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  1. Thinking of y'all! Please let me know if there is ANYTHING that I can do to help on Monday!!!!