Monday, October 29, 2012


I have discovered the mothership.  babyGAP, I love you too, but Nordstrom stole my heart this weekend.  I'm not sure this is a good thing, but I'm officially addicted & there's no turning back.

My momma-in-law was in town this weekend (miss you!) and got us the CUTEST things from there.  See below.

Can you guess who picked this one out? Hint: baby daddy.  It's so little and cute and perfect and I'm in love. 


Zeeeeeebras!! So insanely cute. Thanks again Cindy!

Here are some other things that caught my eye in the store and online!  They shall be added to my Christmas list immediately.

A lil prep & a lil bit rock n roll.

ryann (baby momma)

Friday, October 26, 2012


I went back and forth on whether or not to do this post since everybody (rightly so) has their own opinion re: what people share on FB and other social media sites.  I decided to do it mostly voicing my own opinion on it and how my views have changed in different stages of my life.  Warning: If this bores you, you should probs stop reading now because a) this post is going to be lengthy & b) you might not agree with me.  Sorry, I'm not sorry.

I will be the first to admit that I used to be one of those people who scoffed at certain things people posted on FB.  For example, just this year (before the bun) I recall posting a kind of rude status that went something like this: "really excited you are pregnant, but we don't care if your baby is the size of a blueberry, apple, banana, or avocado." Granted this was after a few margaritas, but I can't find the post because I woke up and immediately deleted it feeling pretty bad and mean.  Given where we are in our lives now I would NEVER ever ever post something like that.  Who am I to judge how someone celebrates probably the best and most important thing ever to happen to them? Sure, I choose not to update about that certain aspect, but that doesn't give me the right whatsoever to openly criticize someone who does. 

Just the other day I updated my status to "Hubby got us Bryan Adam tickets." Some people might find this highly annoying.  In fact, right after I posted this another one of my FB friends wrote "the use of the word hubby should be banned from all social media sites.''  When I read this I got so mad, irritated, and not going to lie- feelings were a lil hurt.  But then I quickly remembered that I had said the same thing re: fruits not that long ago and immediately felt like a hypocrite.  In fact, that was totally a status I would have written before I got married.  And this got me thinking.  Í love my husband.  I love posting about him on FB because frankly I never realized that someone could love me this much and I could be in love with someone as much as I love him.  ANYWAYS, the point is I will call him hubby as much as I dang want.  Especially when he surprises me with Bryan Adams tickets who I've been dying to see in concert for as long as I could breathe.  Ok slight exaggeration- since college.  And people can post about fruit or anything else to do with their baby as much as they want.  It was very humbling all in all.  I think what you post changes with different stages in your life-- and again this is just my opinion.

For me there are some things that cross the line in the oversharing world.  I had a FB friend who once updated statuses mid labor.  But who am I to judge the line of oversharing?  Maybe some of their family was at work and the only way to keep in touch was through FB.  Who knows.  I've heard of some people posting when their kid uses the bathroom etc etc.  The list goes on.  My view is that if you don't like what people are posting or think some things are just crossing the line-- just block or defriend them.  They probably aren't your good friends anyways.  None of this is supposed to elicit arguments or disagreements.  I just have been very humbled in my expereiences of sharing lately and personally I won't judge what people choose to write/update on their own page.

In fact, when our little man comes we would be CRAZY not to think we won't post pictures of him-- when he has his first smile, first bath, or just because.  And our friends and family who care will WANT to see these pictures.  And if you don't, then you should probably just defriend me now.  I love looking at friends pictures who just had babies.  I get advice, see what gear they are using, and get to watch them grow week by week.  That person who posted the imfamous "fruit update" is long gone and will never ever be back.  I'm a wife and now a mom-to-be and I couldn't be happier.

Rant over :)

PS. Feel free to comment as much as you want, but please remember that these are my opinions only.  Don't wanna start no drama!

ryann (baby mama)

Wednesday, October 24, 2012


If you haven't seen FB, Twitter, or every other social media site I've blasted the news
on...then I am BEYOND excited to tell you we are expecting a baby BOY in March! We are so blessed and happy for such an amazing gift. And the most important part is that he is super healthy, perfect, and apparently an active little man :)  Thanks to everyone who has shared in our excitement these past few weeks! 

I'm pretty sure that this blog is now shifting towards baby geared stuff since that is what our lives revolve around now.  There will still be some decor but mostly my experiences and little man of course :) 

These are some thangs that have gotten me through pregnancy so far.

preggo essentials

Dear TOM thank the lawd for you or else my feet would have died.  I think I've worn TOMS every day since we found out I was pregnant.  Ok and maybe every day before that.

I've also lived/slept/breathed in Target v-necks in every color.  For dresses, I love Old Navy maternity dresses.  Mostly because they are like $15.  My go to pants are Liz Lange black stretchy active wear from Target.  I love you, Target.

Philosophy bubble bath in every scent has been my savior.  I especially like listening to Christmas music while soaking.  I've been counting down to my mom's asparagus casserole since August.  No shame. 

Luna bars just because they are delicious and have lots of good nutrients for the bun-- like folic acid.  When you are nauseous and lying on the bathroom floor, a chocolate chip bar sounds better than spinach and broccoli.  Same thing goes for the Naked smoothies/juices.  Just to get more good stuff for little man that actually tastes good.

Finally, American Baby magazine teaches me the way & Eat.Sleep.Poop simplifies all the junk and tells it to you straight up.  Have you even tried to read What to Expect blablabla-- it's just too much for my brain.  I hear Happiest Baby on the Block is a good one too.

The three websites have been the best guide for me when it comes to baby gear and registry check lists.  They also answer questions like what stroller does Jessica Alba use?

I hope this helps at least someone out there!

Peace out for now.

ryann (baby mama)

Thursday, October 18, 2012


Thank you everyone who sent me their recs so far!! They are helping more than you know and feel free to send me as much or as little info as you wish :)

A lot of people have asked me about decorating the nursery and if I'm excited to put together a fun room for the bebe.  To be honest, nursery decor has kind of majorly fallen into the background so far! I've been more consumed with reading books, picking out the right stroller, and researching how long to give sponge baths (along with many many many other thangs). But of course I'm threeeelled to pick out decor for the room.  I do need to tell you sumfin though.  Most of the big decorations won't happen until we move back to Houston.  OF COURSE there will still be a nursery with all the major things, but since we are moving back so soon after the baby, most of the fun decor will happen later. 

We do have one thing for the nursery though.  My awesome sister-in-law, Stephanie, sent the baby their first gift the other week!  We got the cutest book from her as well as this sign:

I this not the perfect gift for us? I died. Thanks again Steph!

All that bein said, let's take a look at some of the crib research I've done so far.  Safety and simplicity has taken over my brain above what's easy on the eyes.  But I feel like a crib is something that can accomplish both so here are my top contenders:



NINE HUNDRED BONES for a crib.  Hence in the dream category.  I mean I would rather spend money on diapers and adorable clothes...right?? 

Looks pretty much the same as the Oeuf above right? And they both have the important stuffs: meet the safety standards/painted with non toxic paint.  Plus almost half the price. Win-win!
I've always looooved the classic, vintage look of the Jenny Lind cribs.  And at this price you can't go wrong.
Such a great price for a modern looking crib that is also really similar to the dream ones above.
So my conclusion? #1 choice would be the very first one, but $900 is just too ridiculous for a crib.  My other #1 choice is definitely the Target one.  It's super cute, affordable, and safe which is ultimately my biggest concern.
ryann (baby momma)

Wednesday, October 17, 2012


WOW. I haven't blogged since July 13th.  Three days before we found out we were pregnant. It's been so hard keeping this secret & I'm so happy to finally share the news with everyone!  I'm really not sure what direction this blog is going to go now, but I do know that I miss it TONS and plan to start writing again :)

For my first come-back post I thought I'd answer some FAQ's I been gettin:

How are you feeling?
Now? Glorious.  The first 3 1/2 months? AWFUL.  I mean like not being able to get off the couch awful.  Morning sickness, nausea, headaches, exhaustion. You name it, I experienced it.  I think I'm finally finding my glow now....phew.

Any cravings?
TUUUUUUUNA. All day, every day.  Too bad I can't have any of it.  After the baby is born someone bring me 3 Subway tuna footlongs and all the spicy tuna rolls you can find.  Besides that, fruit and bbq...bbq baked potato...mmmmmmmmm. Gimme.

What hasn't sounded good?
GRILLED MEAT. Disgusting. And pasta (minus mac n cheese duh).

Do you think it's a boy or girl?
Hmm I have a gut feeling it's a girl and hubby thinks boy.  Can't wait to find out next week either way!

Do you have names picked out?
No, but Suzanne (mi madre) already has an extensive list started.  Think Tennessee James-esque.

Have you bought anything yet?
One thing.  Pair of Texans colored football onesies, obv.  And Suzanne has gotten us some diapers and baby blankets.  I had no idea how much STUFF you need to decide between-- there are seriously a hundred different strollers/car seats/cribs. If anyone has any recs, pleeeeease share.  Mee spectales hurt from hours of research.

Will you stay in San Antonio?
Thank goodness no.  No offense to anyone who loves it here.  We miss Houston. A lot.  And whoever said San Antonio is known for their food was terribly wrong.  ANYWAYS, we'll be here when the baby is born and about 6 months after that, but then it's back home for good.  And our house will finally begin construction in March-- now with a nursery!! Crazy how things change :)

That's all I can think of for now, but seriously if anyone has any "must have" items or recommendations please share. I'll love you forever.

And finally, thank you to EVERYONE who has shown us love and been so supportive.  We feel so lucky!

ryann (baby mama)