Thursday, October 18, 2012


Thank you everyone who sent me their recs so far!! They are helping more than you know and feel free to send me as much or as little info as you wish :)

A lot of people have asked me about decorating the nursery and if I'm excited to put together a fun room for the bebe.  To be honest, nursery decor has kind of majorly fallen into the background so far! I've been more consumed with reading books, picking out the right stroller, and researching how long to give sponge baths (along with many many many other thangs). But of course I'm threeeelled to pick out decor for the room.  I do need to tell you sumfin though.  Most of the big decorations won't happen until we move back to Houston.  OF COURSE there will still be a nursery with all the major things, but since we are moving back so soon after the baby, most of the fun decor will happen later. 

We do have one thing for the nursery though.  My awesome sister-in-law, Stephanie, sent the baby their first gift the other week!  We got the cutest book from her as well as this sign:

I this not the perfect gift for us? I died. Thanks again Steph!

All that bein said, let's take a look at some of the crib research I've done so far.  Safety and simplicity has taken over my brain above what's easy on the eyes.  But I feel like a crib is something that can accomplish both so here are my top contenders:



NINE HUNDRED BONES for a crib.  Hence in the dream category.  I mean I would rather spend money on diapers and adorable clothes...right?? 

Looks pretty much the same as the Oeuf above right? And they both have the important stuffs: meet the safety standards/painted with non toxic paint.  Plus almost half the price. Win-win!
I've always looooved the classic, vintage look of the Jenny Lind cribs.  And at this price you can't go wrong.
Such a great price for a modern looking crib that is also really similar to the dream ones above.
So my conclusion? #1 choice would be the very first one, but $900 is just too ridiculous for a crib.  My other #1 choice is definitely the Target one.  It's super cute, affordable, and safe which is ultimately my biggest concern.
ryann (baby momma)

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  1. LOVE THAT SIGN!!!!! Such a perfect first baby gift =) <3 the cribs too! Cant wait to see what awesomeness you come up with for the nursery!