Wednesday, October 17, 2012


WOW. I haven't blogged since July 13th.  Three days before we found out we were pregnant. It's been so hard keeping this secret & I'm so happy to finally share the news with everyone!  I'm really not sure what direction this blog is going to go now, but I do know that I miss it TONS and plan to start writing again :)

For my first come-back post I thought I'd answer some FAQ's I been gettin:

How are you feeling?
Now? Glorious.  The first 3 1/2 months? AWFUL.  I mean like not being able to get off the couch awful.  Morning sickness, nausea, headaches, exhaustion. You name it, I experienced it.  I think I'm finally finding my glow now....phew.

Any cravings?
TUUUUUUUNA. All day, every day.  Too bad I can't have any of it.  After the baby is born someone bring me 3 Subway tuna footlongs and all the spicy tuna rolls you can find.  Besides that, fruit and bbq...bbq baked potato...mmmmmmmmm. Gimme.

What hasn't sounded good?
GRILLED MEAT. Disgusting. And pasta (minus mac n cheese duh).

Do you think it's a boy or girl?
Hmm I have a gut feeling it's a girl and hubby thinks boy.  Can't wait to find out next week either way!

Do you have names picked out?
No, but Suzanne (mi madre) already has an extensive list started.  Think Tennessee James-esque.

Have you bought anything yet?
One thing.  Pair of Texans colored football onesies, obv.  And Suzanne has gotten us some diapers and baby blankets.  I had no idea how much STUFF you need to decide between-- there are seriously a hundred different strollers/car seats/cribs. If anyone has any recs, pleeeeease share.  Mee spectales hurt from hours of research.

Will you stay in San Antonio?
Thank goodness no.  No offense to anyone who loves it here.  We miss Houston. A lot.  And whoever said San Antonio is known for their food was terribly wrong.  ANYWAYS, we'll be here when the baby is born and about 6 months after that, but then it's back home for good.  And our house will finally begin construction in March-- now with a nursery!! Crazy how things change :)

That's all I can think of for now, but seriously if anyone has any "must have" items or recommendations please share. I'll love you forever.

And finally, thank you to EVERYONE who has shown us love and been so supportive.  We feel so lucky!

ryann (baby mama)


  1. CONGRATULATIONS!!!! Love love love this post =) Cant wait to see where the blog goes from here! Such exciting times!!!

  2. I have so missed your writings, Ryann! Glad you are back! OK, so when the Omaha Steaks box arrives, please don't get sick. I didn't know!!!

  3. Ryann! I'm so behind! Congrats on the babe!! so exciting!