Wednesday, October 24, 2012


If you haven't seen FB, Twitter, or every other social media site I've blasted the news
on...then I am BEYOND excited to tell you we are expecting a baby BOY in March! We are so blessed and happy for such an amazing gift. And the most important part is that he is super healthy, perfect, and apparently an active little man :)  Thanks to everyone who has shared in our excitement these past few weeks! 

I'm pretty sure that this blog is now shifting towards baby geared stuff since that is what our lives revolve around now.  There will still be some decor but mostly my experiences and little man of course :) 

These are some thangs that have gotten me through pregnancy so far.

preggo essentials

Dear TOM thank the lawd for you or else my feet would have died.  I think I've worn TOMS every day since we found out I was pregnant.  Ok and maybe every day before that.

I've also lived/slept/breathed in Target v-necks in every color.  For dresses, I love Old Navy maternity dresses.  Mostly because they are like $15.  My go to pants are Liz Lange black stretchy active wear from Target.  I love you, Target.

Philosophy bubble bath in every scent has been my savior.  I especially like listening to Christmas music while soaking.  I've been counting down to my mom's asparagus casserole since August.  No shame. 

Luna bars just because they are delicious and have lots of good nutrients for the bun-- like folic acid.  When you are nauseous and lying on the bathroom floor, a chocolate chip bar sounds better than spinach and broccoli.  Same thing goes for the Naked smoothies/juices.  Just to get more good stuff for little man that actually tastes good.

Finally, American Baby magazine teaches me the way & Eat.Sleep.Poop simplifies all the junk and tells it to you straight up.  Have you even tried to read What to Expect blablabla-- it's just too much for my brain.  I hear Happiest Baby on the Block is a good one too.

The three websites have been the best guide for me when it comes to baby gear and registry check lists.  They also answer questions like what stroller does Jessica Alba use?

I hope this helps at least someone out there!

Peace out for now.

ryann (baby mama)

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