Thursday, February 28, 2013


Technically 13 days.  I think a layday on the message board I was on yesterday said it best: "I just think I will always be pregnant.  At some point I will have contractions, I will be in the hospital and a baby will be handed to me...But even that seems like a dream.''  That 100% sums up how I've been feeling lately.  Yes, I know he's worth the wait. Yes, we're beyond excited.  Yes, he's almost here.  I know, I hear everyone.  But I feel like I've been pregnant forever and feel like that is a part of who I am now.  I don't see an end.  I know it's happening in literally days, but it seems like a dream to me.  Hopefully someone can relate to this  somehow and I'm not just crazy?

On another note, since I've last blogged, we've had two doctor appointments to check on Cash's progress.  As of today, I'm 1 CM dilated and 50% effaced!  Which doesn't mean a whole lot in terms of time, but my body is getting in gear and doing exactly what it's supposed to do to prepare him to come.  There wasn't really any change from one week to the next.  I'm not going to lie, we were hoping to go in there today and her be like OMG you are 5 CM dilated- get to the hospital, he's cominggggg.  But it was the exact opposite.  So we  wait.  Her guess is that he will come right around the due date-- maybe a few days before or a few days after.

Oh and in the mean time I've been eating what I want and enjoying plenty of dates with Brett before Cash comes.  Still healthy things, but not too strict.  Plus, cooking every meal of every day is EXHAUSTING!  I mean Jimmy Johns takes like 5 minutes come on.  We went out for national margarita day and I ordered a virgin frozen marg-- it did not satifsy the craving, but was kind of fun to sip from a fancy glass with a flower in it.  Felt special ya know.  But y'all, the looks from the table next to us were priceless.  I could hear the bitchy girls whispering to each other, OMG she's pregnant and drinking!!! Hehehehe, fooled them judgers.


Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Thank you....

Thanks everyone for your love, prayers, and messages over the last few days about my Mimi.  She is so so special to all of us, and I wish more than anything she could have met Cash.  She already loved him so much and left him a 2 dollar bill (these were special and rare to her) so he'll always remember her.  I will miss her every day.


Wednesday, February 20, 2013


I survived to blog another day.  After almost cracking and demanding Chipotle and ice cream, Brett saved the day by making the yummiest chicken sandwich EVER last night, and my cravings were squished.  I won't go into detail because I'm sure y'all are like, great not another food post.  So I'll be brief b/c this helps keep me somewhat accountable.

Breakfast sandwich
Grilled chicken greek salad with low fat feta, cucumbers, olive oil & vinegar dressing
Grilled chicken sandwich with turkey bacon, low fat cheese, honey mustard

The nastiest oatmeal known to man. Aka steel cut oats. Never again.

Back to Official Baby Watch 2013, which is why you're really reading this right?  THREE WEEKS exactly from today.  Feels like a lifetime.  I haven't left the house in 2 going on 3 days.  You should see my hair.  I'm so uncomfortable and can barely move so I've just made myself (sorta) useful around the house.  I'm thinking a much needed fro-yo date is in my near future.  Also, I'm waking up about every 2 or 3 hours at night because a) bladder at 9 months is torture and b) I just can't sleep.  I'm hoping this will somewhat mentally prepare me for when Cash is here? I've been realizing no matter how much you plan how things are going to go in your head or how many books you read, you won't really know until he is here.  And so I've been trying to relax and be not-as-worried these last few weeks.  I'm also planning on getting a much needed mani/pedi this weekend, because they are almost as bad as my unwashed hair.


Tuesday, February 19, 2013


We survived day one!! And successfully avoided a thin mint craving disaster.  But that means I woke up extra hungry and was happy to find myself fully satisfied after one of my bkfast sandwiches I wrote about yesterday.  Let's recap the rest of the day, shall we?

After camping out outside for an hour because Google convinced me there was carbon monoxide in the house, Brett came home for lunch with a detector in hand.  NO C-O TO BE FOUND. Phew.  Anyways, I cooked turkey burgers for lunch (Jennie-O) on a slice of whole grain 100 calorie sandwich thins (which aren't all that bad actually) and a slice of part-skim cheddar cheese.  For the sides, we had a few of the 100 calorie popped bbq chips--Dr. Oz approved-- and a beeeg bowl of strawberries. 'Twas good.

For dinner, we both cooked, which is one of my fav things to do together.  And decided to make this baked tilapia recipe.  We wanted to feel like we were eating semi-normal and usually love tilapia that is dipped in carbs.  But we made it healthier by not using all those ingredients and instead took about 2 tablespoons of Italian bread crumbs mixed with a few pours of EVOO-- making a verrrrrrry thin layer on top of the plain fish but enough to be yummy & crunchy.  Then had green beans and brown rice on da side.

I so proud of us.

3 weeks, 1 day left.
Doctor appointment Thursday.
Everything hurts.

For all the mommas out there-- did you find that these or these were necessary/really helpful in the wee beginning?  Right now all we have are regular onesies and side snap pajamas, but I've been seeing those tops on all different websites. Please advise.


Monday, February 18, 2013


Today is the first day of our "cleaner eating'' week.  Yes, week.  Small steps people, small steps. I'm by no means on a diet since I have to make sure Cash is getting enough nutrition etc.  but for example, this weekend he demanded Wendy's.  I demanded the extra side of chicken nuggets, but that's a whole other story. That's not the best for baby so this week we are trying to eat cleaner and healthier.  We went to the grocery store yesterday prepared to spend 9325809235 dollars since I find that usually to eat super healthy makes you go in debt.  But there must have been some good sales or somethin' because we spent like $50 less than we usually do on processed foods.

This is what we had for breakfast this morning:

Le ingredients:
1 Thomas' Light Whole Grain English Muffin, split
1 slice (1 ounce) lean, low-sodium ham or lean Canadian bacon
2 egg whites
1 slice low- or reduced-fat Cheddar cheese 
Salt and pepper to taste 

Except I used turkey bacon & 1 regular egg.  It's REAL good.

For lunch we shall have turkey burgers, and for snacks: fruit, hard boiled eggs, hummus/carrots, and so on.  I shall report those at a later time.

3 weeks, 2 days left.
Baby is now a watermelon.
Mom is officially miserable and uncomfortable.

I would like to say a special Happy Birthday to my momma, Suzanne.  The original Suze.  She's been such a great support system to have during the last 9 months and is doing such a great job taking care of our Mimi right now.  I love you, momma!


Friday, February 15, 2013


How was everyone's Valentine's Day?

My main man surprised me with flowers Wednesday for an early V-Day and a happy-9-months-of-pregnancy:


Then yesterday we went to the doctor (more on that later) and he took me to satisfy my craving of Shipley's for breakfast.  #strawberryandcherryicedplease.  For dinner, we had a feast at County Line, which made me feel like I was back in Austin for the night.  'Twas perfect.  And I came home to the sweetest card from him, Cash, and all 3 of our puppies.  I couldn't have asked for anything more. (I love you baby!)  He's the reason I get to stay home and be pregnant and soon take care of lil baby Cash and for that I am forever thankful.

About the doctor-- overall it was a great appointment.  She said that I'm measuring just where I need to be and that we're right on track for the March 13th due date!!  She SAID "I don't see you going over at all.'' Which got my hopes up, but I know that is not the most realistic thing so I'm letting it go for now.  I'm also not dilated yet, but I'm beginning to efface.  Which basically means the baby is moving down and my body is preparing me for labor.  Wooohoooo.  Every day I'm more and more uncomfortable and ready to meet our lil man.  But for now I'm being a patient grasshoppa and trying to sleep/watch as much TV as possible.  I know he'll be here before we know it and I plan to post many pictures via all avenues of social media ;)

Hope everyone has a great weekend!

Wednesday, February 13, 2013


Before I got pregnant, I always thought certain things were big NO's when it came to pregnancy.  No alcohol, no sushi, no fish, no caffeine.  Most of those things ARE huge must-stay-away-from's, but I was pleasantly surprised (slash excited) when my doctor said that a) cooked fish with low mercury was ok and b) limited caffeine is perfectly fine.  If you google "caffeine during pregnancy,'' a lot of differing opinions are out there.  Some say none at all, some say only after 1st trimester, but most say a certain amount a day is just fine.  And they all revert to the same thing-- go with what your doctor says.  My doctor's guidelines are no more than about 200 mg a day-- which to give you perspective: a tall vanilla latte from Starbucks is 75 mg and a can of Diet Coke is 46 mg.  So you could technically get a Grande Latte from Starbucks (150 mg) every day or drink 4 Diet Cokes and still be under the limit- according to my doctor.

Now since I was so worried about like everything in the first trimester (hence why it took us so long to announce on FB), I completely stayed away from caffeine altogether.  It was just the best for my peace of mind.  Then after that and talking to other friends who had recently gone through pregnancy and drank caffeine, I started having iced tea (lowest amount of caf) and decaf Starbucks lattes.  I know pointless right-- but they satisfied my craving.  THEN I found out about half-calf (thank you Kellie!) and my life was changed after that.  If I go to Starbucks and get a half-calf skinny vanilla latte, that's only 37 mg which is way under my doctor's limit!!  And I don't do this every day, just when I really feel like I need/want to treat myself.  And during football season, Brett & I would go watch the games at a bar/restaurant each week and since I couldn't have my drank of choice (BEEEER), I'd get a Coke instead.  It's the little things.

So now I just am really conscious about it.  We have a Keurig and some mornings I'll have a cup of half-calf coffee, but then I know I'll drink water the rest of the day, and so on.  They even have all the Coke products in caffeine free now and they taste the exact same-- if you choose to stay away altogether.

I'm curious though- what does your doctor say? Did y'all stay away completely or drink some every now and then? Give me your thoughts! PS. special thanks to Courtney for inspiring this discussion :)



I know I've already said this like a million times, but today marks the 1 month countdown until baby Cash is here (hopefully!).  So that means I've been pregnant for 9 months.  Growing up I always thought you were only preggo for 9 months then the baby comes.  But they lie-- you are actually pregnant for TEN whole months.  Tricky.  Last night was our last baby class & I feel like we already knew most of what she went over so that made me feel more confident and all fuzzy inside.  AND there were free m&m cookies so how could I complain?  Honestly watching old episodes of 16 & Pregnant has prepared me more for childbirth than any class ever could.  Just kidding...kinda.

Tonight we're venturing to the SA Rodeo to see Gary Allan.  But let's be honest, I'm going for the turkey legs and fried oreos.  And we get to go to the VIP entrance which I'm hoping means UNLIMITED diet coke and iced tea.

Then tomorrow morning we have our 36 week appointment where they test for group B Strep (routine) and make sure everything is progressing normally/baby is in the right position for birth.  I'm kind of excited it's on Valentine's Day because that means I get to spend the morning with B and have him all to myself before work takes over.  Maybe even get donuts!!!!!!!  Speaking of V Day, I've requested diapers in lieu of flowers and a feast at County Line for dinner.  Do y'all have big plans?


Tuesday, February 12, 2013

FOUR WEEKS (and one day)

Tomorrow will be FOUR weeks until Cash's due date.  I can't believe it!! The first part of pregnancy seemed to drag on, but everyone was right-- the last part FLIES by.  I have this feeling he is coming sooner than later, but of course that probably means we will be waiting around forever right?  I'm officially pretty uncomfortable and immobile 95% of the day so needless to say I am ready for him to be here and REALLY ready to be un-pregnant.  And not pregnant again for a long. long. time.  :)

Speaking of babies, they have a lot of stuff.  Here is a corner of the nursery with some of his thangs:

This part of the nursery is pretty empty because his bassinet, changing table, and glider are all going in our bedroom for the first few months.  That way we won't have to trek back and forth between the bedrooms at night (not that it's far but you know what I'm sayin').

Here's our bedroom with his bassinet:

We ended up going with this guy.  Just looks and seems so comfy and simple.  Plus it rocks which I think is a good thing?  You can see Finn on the left being all like what is this stuff mama?!

Other things....I'm officially addicted to Dr. OZ and plan on instituting a clean(ER) eating regime in this household next week.  I mean lets be honest I will still NEED ice cream and girl scout cookies.  But I want to try introducing healthier stuff in our diet.  I'm using this from Dr. Oz as a starting point and want to try one of these every morning. Mmmm green smoothies, not. I found myself watching his show yesterday taking notes on my iPhone on how to tell if EVOO is really EVOO.  I don't know if I've ever used EVOO in my life, but over my dead body will they try to sell ME fake EVOO!! Ya know??

That's all I got for today.


Thursday, February 7, 2013


Happy TBT (#throwbackthursday)--aka my worst social media nightmare.  Ok I'm half guilty of doing this at one point in time (ONLY ONE), but I seriously pat myself on the back when I make it through a Thursday without shutting down all my accounts.  It's mostly the celebrities who drive me crazy but then again I just can't stop following them you know???

Ok back on topic.  We FINALLY found our old couch a new family yesterday, so our furb couch is officially making her debut on the blog today!  I think our puppies were sad to see her go since that was basically their bed. #lezbehonest.  Except for Finn of course who has her own castle bed right next to her momma.  Have I mentioned she is spoiled? Anyways, I took a break from the nursery to organize our living room situation and this is what I have to show for it so far.

Couch: Furbish Studio, Pillows: Miss Bluebonnet
Our new couch!! Gray velvety heaven.  And by new I mean we've had it for a year covered in plastic wrap.  Poor thing.

Rug: IKEA, Coffee Table: West Elm
We also added a new rug situation which I am loving much better than the chevron for this room.  I highly recommend jute/seagrass rugs especially for people with puppies!

Our mantle.  Which I take down and restyle every day because styling is a skill that I was just NOT blessed with.  Here's the latest set up with my favorite pics framed and my lil turquoise foo dogs I scooped up at a local antique shop.

The awkward corner of the room.  I found this peacock chair at a thrift store for like ten dollars and had high hopes for her.  Kind of like this:

But for now she sits in her corner with a pretty pillow and my attempt at DIY art.

And last but not least, half of our hospital bag loot-- the diaper bag.  Not even sure if this is necessary? But I'm definitely going to over pack and I've embraced it at this point.  It's packed with pacifiers (because apparently Cash could be picky), side snap onesies, Mustela face wipes, dinosaur baby blanket, hand sanitizer, and of course his Longhorn WubbaNub.

Oh and go check out my friend Lauren's blog Turquoise & Gold for some major DIY inspiration!! She just did a campaign dresser IKEA hack that I immediately wanted to PIN all over Pinterest. And make two for myself.

Until next time xoxo,

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

5 WEEKS.....

Well. Today I'm officially 5 weeks away from our "due date'' and 35 weeks pregnant.  My math must be awful because I could have sworn I was 32 weeks, that's how scatter brained I am these days.  Sorry I've been so quiet on the blog lately, but we're going through some family things as my Mimi is in the hospital.  Please say a prayer for her.  I snuck to Houston this past weekend (per approval from my doctor) to spend some cherished time with her which I am so thankful for.  But it looks like I probably won't be able to travel any more.  Which is really sad and hard for me since I want to be there as much as possible right now.

I don't really have many updates for you, but I came home to a house that had been cleaned and organized from top to bottom.  All of my laundry washed and folded. And a freezer stocked full of thin mints-- most of which are already gone (obv).  I'm so thankful for that man I tell you.

In pregnant woman news, I was having some pains on and off (nothing big) and I decided to google my symptoms.  This is what it said: "What you're feeling, most likely, is your cervix dilating, or opening, as it prepares for the passage of your baby.'' Okay then.  I called the nurse and nothing to worry about as long as no contractions etc etc. So all is normal but it made everything feel REALLY real. If that makes sense.  Like my body is preparing and it's really going to happen...soon.

Tomorrow I'll attempt to update you on the nursery and hospital bag progress which is slowly but surely coming along!