Wednesday, February 13, 2013


I know I've already said this like a million times, but today marks the 1 month countdown until baby Cash is here (hopefully!).  So that means I've been pregnant for 9 months.  Growing up I always thought you were only preggo for 9 months then the baby comes.  But they lie-- you are actually pregnant for TEN whole months.  Tricky.  Last night was our last baby class & I feel like we already knew most of what she went over so that made me feel more confident and all fuzzy inside.  AND there were free m&m cookies so how could I complain?  Honestly watching old episodes of 16 & Pregnant has prepared me more for childbirth than any class ever could.  Just kidding...kinda.

Tonight we're venturing to the SA Rodeo to see Gary Allan.  But let's be honest, I'm going for the turkey legs and fried oreos.  And we get to go to the VIP entrance which I'm hoping means UNLIMITED diet coke and iced tea.

Then tomorrow morning we have our 36 week appointment where they test for group B Strep (routine) and make sure everything is progressing normally/baby is in the right position for birth.  I'm kind of excited it's on Valentine's Day because that means I get to spend the morning with B and have him all to myself before work takes over.  Maybe even get donuts!!!!!!!  Speaking of V Day, I've requested diapers in lieu of flowers and a feast at County Line for dinner.  Do y'all have big plans?


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