Wednesday, February 6, 2013

5 WEEKS.....

Well. Today I'm officially 5 weeks away from our "due date'' and 35 weeks pregnant.  My math must be awful because I could have sworn I was 32 weeks, that's how scatter brained I am these days.  Sorry I've been so quiet on the blog lately, but we're going through some family things as my Mimi is in the hospital.  Please say a prayer for her.  I snuck to Houston this past weekend (per approval from my doctor) to spend some cherished time with her which I am so thankful for.  But it looks like I probably won't be able to travel any more.  Which is really sad and hard for me since I want to be there as much as possible right now.

I don't really have many updates for you, but I came home to a house that had been cleaned and organized from top to bottom.  All of my laundry washed and folded. And a freezer stocked full of thin mints-- most of which are already gone (obv).  I'm so thankful for that man I tell you.

In pregnant woman news, I was having some pains on and off (nothing big) and I decided to google my symptoms.  This is what it said: "What you're feeling, most likely, is your cervix dilating, or opening, as it prepares for the passage of your baby.'' Okay then.  I called the nurse and nothing to worry about as long as no contractions etc etc. So all is normal but it made everything feel REALLY real. If that makes sense.  Like my body is preparing and it's really going to happen...soon.

Tomorrow I'll attempt to update you on the nursery and hospital bag progress which is slowly but surely coming along!


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