Wednesday, February 20, 2013


I survived to blog another day.  After almost cracking and demanding Chipotle and ice cream, Brett saved the day by making the yummiest chicken sandwich EVER last night, and my cravings were squished.  I won't go into detail because I'm sure y'all are like, great not another food post.  So I'll be brief b/c this helps keep me somewhat accountable.

Breakfast sandwich
Grilled chicken greek salad with low fat feta, cucumbers, olive oil & vinegar dressing
Grilled chicken sandwich with turkey bacon, low fat cheese, honey mustard

The nastiest oatmeal known to man. Aka steel cut oats. Never again.

Back to Official Baby Watch 2013, which is why you're really reading this right?  THREE WEEKS exactly from today.  Feels like a lifetime.  I haven't left the house in 2 going on 3 days.  You should see my hair.  I'm so uncomfortable and can barely move so I've just made myself (sorta) useful around the house.  I'm thinking a much needed fro-yo date is in my near future.  Also, I'm waking up about every 2 or 3 hours at night because a) bladder at 9 months is torture and b) I just can't sleep.  I'm hoping this will somewhat mentally prepare me for when Cash is here? I've been realizing no matter how much you plan how things are going to go in your head or how many books you read, you won't really know until he is here.  And so I've been trying to relax and be not-as-worried these last few weeks.  I'm also planning on getting a much needed mani/pedi this weekend, because they are almost as bad as my unwashed hair.



  1. Wish I could be there to do the mani-pedi thing with you! I'm just grinning thinking in just a few short weeks we all get to meet Cash. Finally!!! Saw in the paper that a lady in H-town gave birth to two set of identical boys on Valentine's Day: Ace, Blaine, CASH, and Dylan.

    Love and miss y'all. See you soon!

    1. Love you!!! I saw that too and was happy to see another Cash in the world :) Let's hope he's on time!

  2. I so remember when 3 weeks felt like an ETERNITY! Then it was 3 weeks plus 10 DAYS! I was also the same way with the sleep. One of the first joys I had after giving birth was the satisfaction of having a full bladder and getting more than a couple drops out haha.