Tuesday, February 12, 2013

FOUR WEEKS (and one day)

Tomorrow will be FOUR weeks until Cash's due date.  I can't believe it!! The first part of pregnancy seemed to drag on, but everyone was right-- the last part FLIES by.  I have this feeling he is coming sooner than later, but of course that probably means we will be waiting around forever right?  I'm officially pretty uncomfortable and immobile 95% of the day so needless to say I am ready for him to be here and REALLY ready to be un-pregnant.  And not pregnant again for a long. long. time.  :)

Speaking of babies, they have a lot of stuff.  Here is a corner of the nursery with some of his thangs:

This part of the nursery is pretty empty because his bassinet, changing table, and glider are all going in our bedroom for the first few months.  That way we won't have to trek back and forth between the bedrooms at night (not that it's far but you know what I'm sayin').

Here's our bedroom with his bassinet:

We ended up going with this guy.  Just looks and seems so comfy and simple.  Plus it rocks which I think is a good thing?  You can see Finn on the left being all like what is this stuff mama?!

Other things....I'm officially addicted to Dr. OZ and plan on instituting a clean(ER) eating regime in this household next week.  I mean lets be honest I will still NEED ice cream and girl scout cookies.  But I want to try introducing healthier stuff in our diet.  I'm using this from Dr. Oz as a starting point and want to try one of these every morning. Mmmm green smoothies, not. I found myself watching his show yesterday taking notes on my iPhone on how to tell if EVOO is really EVOO.  I don't know if I've ever used EVOO in my life, but over my dead body will they try to sell ME fake EVOO!! Ya know??

That's all I got for today.



  1. Green soothies are delicious. I've not had Dr.Oz' recipe, but we bought a VitaMix because the green smoothies are awesome and Javed couldn't even talk then but was trying to grab the sample cup from me to get more. :)

  2. I second Cathy's comment. I bought a vitamix two - three weeks ago, and have had a green smoothie almost every day for breakfast since. you don't even need all the ingredients dr. oz puts in his; you can pretty much use whatever fruits/veggies you have around the house. here's how I make mine:

    I add a serving whatever fruit I have in the house (apples, oranges, banana, berries...)
    2 big handfuls of kale
    about 1/4 cucumber
    avocado (i use about a quarter to 1/2 of an avocado)
    1+ cups ice
    vitacoco flavored coconut water - a 2 second pour will give you added sweetness

    this smoothie + a side of bacon makes an awesome breakfast and will keep you full until lunch. promise :)

  3. P.S. so excited to meet baby Cash in May!!

  4. i am so excited to meet baby Cash!!! do the green smoothies- they are actually good. you know what else i like? the skinny girl daily cleanse and restore. they aren't the same as green juice but they make you regular, provides oodles of vitamins and it doesnt taste bad.

    ps. i miss your gchat presence