Thursday, September 15, 2011

Leontine Linens: you're welcome

Dear Leontine Linens, I freaking love you.

Seriously though. Is this not heaven?

I could get lost on that website for hours.

I stumbled upon LL as I began browsing the world wide web for idears. We NEED them in our master (and guest) (and other guest) bedroom.  As Peppermint Bliss (aka PB) says "no one fluffs a bed like Leontine." AND it has your own monogram? How special.

But how do we even begin to decide on colors...

You can go bright:

*it even already has our monogram. le sigh*

Green heaven

You can go not-so-bright:

Now we're getting a little crazy....

Pure beauty:

DON'T WORRY.  I haven't forgotten about the baby Leontine lovahs &  yellow bliss at it's finest.

LOVE the wallpaper obv
PB suggests matching the room with this lil critter:

Can you even imagine?  I die.

Annnndddd last but cer-taint-ly not least- one last baybay Leontine:

This post makes me happy.

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