Friday, September 16, 2011

Clos-ette, voila.

I would like to introduce you to Clos-ette (aka Ryann's closet) that I have dreamed up for West26. I'm so happy with it that I CANNOT WAIT to start designing Mr. Claus (B's closet). 

She, clos-ette, shall look something like this beauty:

Except she will be totally unique.
She will have wood floors.
She will have her Pink Moment (via Sherman Williams).

Yes, that is PAINT versus wallpaper. BUT RYANN, you are obsessed with wallpaper!  Don't freak out just yet: she will have her wallpaper on the ceiling. Yes, the ceiling. Impressed? I thought so.

Osborne & Little of course
All her precious clothes will hang on these:

Her dresser that holds the essentials will look sumfin like this:

Bennett Collection- Lowboy dresser

I need to sit down when debating what to wear right?  So this little piece would do just fine.

Nate Berkus

Me thinks it really deserves some pillows draped in this eye candy:

BUT RYANN how do you see when you get ready?
By the light of the gold chandelier OBV:

Do you see a trend here? Pink & gold are just delicious. 
To top it off (just because you can), why not add this mastah-piece?

Elegant piglet.
Loose change can add up peoples.


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