Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Powdah Room Version 2.0

char·treuse: a pale yellow or green color resembling liquer made from brandy.

Sounds like my kinda color.  Since I did my original post on our flowery/pinkish/green powder room, I have learned that the wallpaper is discontinued. No longer in service.  Out of commission. Caput. Sayanara suckers.

So I shall start from scratch.  I'm actually happier with this room than the original.  The inspiration in theeeeeees beauty:

Sillhouettes are so-hot-right-now in the design world.  And these boys and gals are chartreuse so it's PERF.  If we went with green in the dining room + gray in the kitchen, this would make for the most wonderfullest combo of the two. Dontcha think?

Tack on some of these Anthro goodies to the door:


And get this, she is only SEVENTY-NINE bones. 79!!!!! Rill nice, rilllllll nice.

On another note, totally unrelated.....
I have my first alterations fitting manana for my dream dress.  And of course that means today I am craving THIS

(no mayo or tomatoes plz)  BUT I'm going to be good and eat this just-as-good lunch instead:

You fancy, huh.
 WILLPOWER Ryann, willpower.  Have a lovely day.

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