Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Chirp, chirp


Double ohmygawd.  Peeps, you have now met a celebrity.  A REAL LIFE CELEBRITY.  I introduce you to the Birdcage Bedroom.  By Miles Redd (we'll come back to him lata).  Featured in Domino Magazine.   Throughout all my recent adventures into the blogging world, I have come to know that this room is famous among interior designers.  But, these are my confesssioooonssss (U-S-H-E-R-R-A-Y-M-O-N-D nowtellmewhatyouwannado): It wasn't love at first sight. Yeah, I admit it.  But the more I pondered it, the more I was like I can TOTALLY redo this room ala budget friendly ways.  The more research I did, the more I got to learn about budgeting "designer" rooms.  And it made me all giddy inside, reaallll giddy.  I can so see this room as a guest room at our new casa (please babe, pwetty pwetty pleaaaaaaase).  Without further adieu.....

The wallpaper: the real thang is just not happening.  The birds are De Gourney and they are $650 per panel MINIMUM.  I mean really? Don't get me wrong, I can stare at De Gourney pieces all day, but that is just ree-deec-ulous.  So I'm gonna have to go with a much pocket-friendlier substitute:

That'll do pig, that'll do.

Now for the bed.  You can get some nice alternates as seen below:

PB Teen- $799

Personally, I can live without the whole "bird cage" feel of the bed.  It makes me wanna drape fabric all around. And build a tent.  And play hide and seek.  So LUCKY MEEEEE, my parents graced me with this beauty a couple years ago for Chreeeestmas....thanks Frank and Suzanne!!

The lovely lil' turquoise end tables could be a splurge:

Jonathan Adler- $150

Or you could go all DIY and really impress yourself:

IKEA- $10
 Spray paint some blue on thurr and make it work.

I'm in lurv with these lamps:

Robert Abbey
 AND these Leontine Linens (obviously):

But I could SO be happy with diisss, just the same:
The rug.  She is Madeleine Weinrib...and peeps, she just can't be copied.  Just can't.  So if you splurge on anything, do it here.

If this all came true, I'd just roll ovah and die.

The Suze

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  1. i like where your head is at with the robert abbey lamps, very nice. HOWEVER. i am an owner of a madeline weinrib rug and let me tell you - disappointment of the CENTURY. i hate my mw rug. it wrinkles, never lies flat, is hard to clean, is basically the worst. i spent $800 on it and tried to return it. DO NOT GET IT.

    pretty to look at, not nice to own.