Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Outdoor Bliss

In just THREE leeeeeetle weeks, I will be RYANN SUZANNE DETAMORE. Yes, I am dropping the Stanley completely. Mainly so certain people (you know who you are) will stop calling me Manly Stanley once and for all. Well mostly mainly because I love my man and want to completely be Mrs. Detamore.  None of that hyphen business, and ESPECIALLY none of the Kim K move and keep the Kardashian all together.  We won't even go there. Ahhh the kids shall call me Mrs. D and it will be fab.

Now onto business.  I'd thought I'd post some outdoor eye candy for you to ponder over on this fine Wednesday afternoon. And maybe give you a little sneak peek of W26 outdoorsy side.
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via Trad Home
McDreamy porch.

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Does this really exist in real life?

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via Lonny
cabana + pool + CHANDELIERS. Need I say more.

For W26th, there might be some of this going on....

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....paired with this

Stay tuned.

Ryann Suzanne (almost) Detamore

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  1. are you shitting me. i know we are not quite besties but if you get a society social bar cart before me i will throw down. ALSO, i own a luxury monograms pillow.