Wednesday, January 23, 2013


Let's take a look how things are coming together in my head.

One wall:

Other wall/corner:

We also have a matching changing table (THANK YOU MEGAN!!!) that will store the diapers slash essentials.  Like so:

And that leaves one whole wall completely blank.  And the tiny closet is NOT going to cut it with storing all his stuffs.  So I realized that we need some sort of dresser to store all his cute onesies, books, etc etc.  Then I came across these pics:

IKEA PEOPLE.  I am in love with IKEA.  Seriously, they have every decor item you could ever want for your abode for cheap(er).  So I drug (dragged?) Brett with me this past weekend and scooped up the Expedit Bookcase which will go on said blank wall.

But it will be flipped like second pic above.  And in the bottom 4 shelves will be cute rattan baskets.  That's where all his clothes that aren't hanging will go.

And the top 4 shelves will be for all of his books and stuffed animals on display.  I am LOVING the chalkboard in the second pic above and think I'll scoop one up to hang over it.

Along with obligatory globe.



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