Monday, January 7, 2013


Hurrlurr everyone! I got so many updates for all of ya.  The nursery is officially CLEARED OUT! Thanks to my hardworking and patient husband, things are officially getting in order for baby D :)  Now we just need to schedule the painting and place all the furniture and it will be practically done!

Here is the crib we went with:

With this delicious bedding from Biscuit:

The blues/greens are much more vibrant in person.  Then we are putting a jute rug and sheepskin throw from IKEA in the mix.  Seen here:
And finally, one of these bad boys (also from Biscuit):

Of course there are little things here and there, but overall simple and clean since we are only going to be here for 6-9 months :)

Speaking of that, we officially sold our lot in the Heights last month.  After going back and forth MANY many times, we just felt like it was best for our little growing family.  We love the Heights and will definitely miss not getting to live in and explore that area, but at the same time we are so excited to explore new areas with our little man!  There were so many factors we had to consider (like schools, needed more room/yard, family area etc) and in the end it just made the best sense for us.  Unfortunately, that means no blogging about the whole building process (which also would be tough to make time for with a newborn AND living out of town).  But I will definitely blog about the house hunting process and decorating the space to make our own. Right now we are focusing on Bellaire (where he grew up), Meyerland (where I grew up), and other areas like West U,  Braes Heights, Afton Oaks, & Briargrove.  One thing that we've found is that a lot of areas don't have big yards!!!! Stressful.  Which is a must for us since we now have 3 huge pups who need their space.  So let me get all HGTV on you & make a must have list:

*big yard
*4 bedrooms
*preferably move-in ready
*study (or 3 bedrooms + study)
*inviting exterior
*game room or play area
*minimum beige

Am I being too ambitious? Definitely doesn't have to have ALL of those things, but at least I'm not getting too picky like walk in closets, jetted tub, two person shower...ok those things would be nice too.

Oh and of course baby D update! 31 weeks this week, 3D Ultrasound next week (you know to reconfirm he is a boy), and starting baby classes tonight!

Until next time, y'all.



  1. Thanks so much, Ryann, for the update. I just love being able to share these exciting times with you.

  2. Baby classes!!! How cool! I, too, love getting the updates and can't wait to see y'all next week!

  3. move to West U/West U area! Be our neighbors :)

  4. Everything is looking super cute!!!!! I can't wait until the Detamore family is in Houston!!!!!!!!!!