Wednesday, January 9, 2013


definitely don't need right now.  Everything we've been buying lately is for baby D, but sometimes I get the sudden urge (maybe nesting??) to redo things in our house.  Like 2 months ago, I neeeeeeded to redo our master bedroom bedding.  And before that I neeeeeeeeded a gallery wall.  So I get like a few things, stack the boxes, and am like ehh we probably shouldn't do this until we move into our house.  My husband prob thinks I am a HOARDER.  And I really kinda am.

I got these for our "gallery wall" that is definitely not happening any time soon:

And I want to add these to my hoarding collection:

For our bedroom I-want-to-impulse-purchase-but-will-restrain-myself:

Bloggers love this bedding (including Jamie Meares of Furbish who uses on her own bed) and super easy to have custom monogrammed.

Everything from this new shop I found:

This quilt for end of said bedding:

I am crazy.


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