Thursday, January 17, 2013


Majorly.  Normally I'm not one to complain or post bad days all over social media, but in the past this blog has given me an outlet to do just that and feel better.  And to get much needed advice.  (Sidenote: as I'm typing this, my entire salad spilled over in my lap and onto the floor.  Do you see a pattern here?)

And the venting begins....

I had a very early doctor's appointment this AM.  Started off with construction being done on our street WAY earlier than was indicated and having me to flag someone down to move the huge trucks that were confining me to our driveway.  Anyways, I thought it would be an easy in and out check up since I go every 2 weeks now and nothing has changed.  Usually I love my doctor but today she (and the nurses) sucked.  Like really sucked.  I've had my blood drawn MANY times, the latest being for my glucose test before Chrismtas time.  So she's looking at my chart and says by the way did you know you were a little anemic? Ummm no. Nobody has told me that? Or ever bothered to check my blood work? WTF?  She then says its nothing dangerous but that I need to be taking an iron supplement to build up the iron supply in my blood to prepare for birth and the after effects.  WHICH I COULD HAVE BEEN DOING THIS WHOLE TIME?  I'm sure it's not a huge deal, but no soon-to-be-mom wants to hear that news when she is going into labor in less than 2 months.  I half blame the nurses since I've had an issue with them relaying information before.

Then.  She talks to me about fetal kick counts.  Which I'm pretty sure should have been relayed or taught to me prior to being 32 weeks pregnant.  Maybe not which is fine I guess, but this whole kick count thing really really scared me today.  My saving grace these past 6 or 7 months has been going into the doctor, hearing his heartbeat, and reassuring me that everything is OK.  Well all that changed today when the doctor told me "none of that really tells us much about how the baby is actually doing.''  Great.  I have to pick an hour each day and make sure baby D is kicking at least 10 times.  If he's not then I need to come in to get monitored because something could be seriously wrong or at risk for stillbirth.  Now I KNOW that this is something every pregnant woman does and is very routine, but honestly it's making me a nervous wreck.   Of course I started counting while I was waiting for the next appointment and he maybe kicked like 5 times.  I feel like I'm going to dread this hour every single day until he is here.  This is where advice is highly needed if you have any.  Did you freak out about kick counts?  Am I overreacting? What if he doesn't kick that much every day?  Ugh. It just wasn't comforting to hear AT ALL.  And she made me really scared about it.

To wrap up everything, I come home to find a huge hole in front of our house and no way to get down the street.  So I have to park somewhere far (hoping my car doesnt get towed or broken into) and walk to our house.  Then I spilled my salad.  And now I'm hungry AND grumpy.


  1. I never really counted kicks, but there would be times when I would be like oh crap I don't think I have felt him move in a while. And yes, every mom worries about it! My dr never even discussed kick counts with me, so it can't be an overly important exact science. Also, I think it's like no big deal if you become a little anemic. The baby is just stealing all of your iron, so take a supplement and you will be fine! I lost a lot of blood during birth and actually became anemic afterwards, but I just took some Feosol and it wasn't an issue.

  2. Ok that makes me feel SO much better!! I should have probably just emailed you before ranting :) Haha, thank you!

  3. OK Ryan, I know I am lot older, but I have had 2 kiddos that have grown up to be very healthy and happy adults. I have never in my life ever heard of "Kick Counting". Like the reply above I would just know if I hadn't felt something in a while and never really worried about that. I bet your mom was the same as me and look how well you have done. Eat healthy, exercise, breath like they tell you and ALL will be fine. Love you lots, see you soon.

  4. Hi hi hi! Pleeeease take super deep breaths. I am sure you doc is awesome sauce, but she also sounds a little bit like an alarmist.

    This is what my doc said about kick counts: If you remember to count great. But it can also be a source of unnecessary worry. If you feel like you haven't felt baby in a little while, drink some juice (SUGAR! to make the baby hyper), lay on your side and start counting kicks.

    Baby's go through sleeping hours JUST like they do when they are born. So it's not really possible for them to kick 10 times EVERY hour. Some of those hours they are snoozing. Most babies have an active time where you feel them kick a lot each day. Madison always kicked the most at night so I would pay attention then.... Try not to just choose a random hour when they aren't typically very active.

    Feel free to message me if you ever need anything!


  5. Hey Ryann,

    I'm a little anemic too if it makes you feel better:) My doctor told me to start counting kicks around 28 weeks but that I only need to feel ten in 2 hours. I know what you mean though I start worrying I won't feel them because sometimes he is active and other times he's not.


  6. Y'all have no idea how much better I feel after reading your comments and advice!!! Thanks so much for taking the time to read and help me out :) I feel way more relaxed and calm about everything and it makes me feel better knowing I have you guys if I ever have questions! Thank you thank you :)