Tuesday, January 15, 2013


HALLO!  I've added a new item to the shop for your Tuesday enjoyment.

via etsy
Greek Key Pillow Cover — Hot Pink
via Design Darling
Both of these are 18 by 18 Pink Greek Key Pillows.  First one for $28 and second for $42.
Well I have the exact same pillow, 20 by 20 aka BIGGER, for $24.  Plus free shipping.  I love these as the anchor pillows on couches or throws for your bed.
Order here:

And thank you to everyone who has ordered stuff so far! I never thought it would be this fun going to ship things at the local mail store.  It gives me great joy.

In other news, we are off to Houston this weekend to spend some quality time with family and friends.  It's the last weekend I'm allowed to travel before the baby comes so things are really starting to sink in.  Brett & I were talking about the next time we'll actually be in Houston after this weekend-- JUNE PEOPLE.  Probably June.  That is like 5 months away & our lives will be completely changed and different (in amazing ways).  Eeeek I get emotional just thinking about it. 

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