Thursday, January 10, 2013


Slowly but surely I'm adding new stuff to the shop link above.  The most recent addition is the Palm Leaf Pillow which I'm like super obsessed with.  My whole goal was to make pillows cheaper and more affordable and as you'll be able to see over the course of the month, I think I succeeded.  I think.  I hope.  I also suck at taking pictures and styling so that explains the quality.  Hopefully this weekend I'll get my act together and get more visible pics of thangs.  Until then....

I have my Palm Leaf Pillow listed for $32 plus free shipping.  Here is my (sad) pic:

And here are some "competitors" pics:

via Furbish

via Black Rooster
The first one retails for $65 & the second for $50.  They are the exact same pillur folks.  Just made with love by different people.

Here you can see the pillow being styled all fancy:

via Kelly Market
And my favorite peecture:

via coco + kelly
There are 4 available.  And if no one buys them I will keep them for myself and pray that my puppy doesn't chew them up.

In baby D news, this Saturday we go to another baby class from NINE TO FOUR.  My brain is going to melt.  Thank goodness the Texans play on Sunday or I would have surely crawled into a dark hole.  Or just watched the game on our iPad and get labeled the worst parents in the history of all baby classes.  ALSO, apparently this 3D ultrasound we have next week is supposed to show what our baby's face looks like?? Is this true? If so BRING IT ON.  I was doing it more to ensure he was an actual he since people have been scaring me.  Like the lady at Marble Slab who swears a girl will be gracing our lives in a few months.  And the lady at the gas station who can "tell by the way I am carrying" that he's a girl.  Psh.  Also, someone tried to steal our crib off our front porch yesterday but that's a whole other story.



  1. What's this about an attempt at stealing Baby D's crib???

  2. Okay, I saw my kids junk in a ultrasound and STILL freaked out he was going to be a girl! Hahahaha! I had the lady show me every u/s after that, and I even asked the other doctors and nurses if she was ever wrong (they all thought I was crazy and said she was never wrong).