Friday, January 25, 2013


HAPPY FRIDAY!  Recently peeps have been asking about how the house renovations turned out that I started blogging about pre-pregnancy.  So I finally got my act together and took some real fancy pics so you can see.  I did not style/declutter/organize for this impromptu photo shoot so excuse the stuffs.

Here was the kitchen before in all it's glory:

And tada:

We painted all cabinets white with ''antique'' clear gem cabinet pulls from Anthro.  The pendant lights are from West Elm.  Gray walls + marble subway tile back splash. Prob my favorite part of the kitchen is the big farmers sink and faucet which we found on major online discount.

And le bathroom before or should I say mid-demo:

And voila:

 New vanity/built in storage. And I die over those sconces.
 White walls & penny tile
 White subway tile (cheap, cheap @ Home Depot!)

We went with complete white in the bathroom.  My wallpaper dreams were crushed due to $$$ & my desire to paint the bathroom light pink was not practical for showing the house in the future.  PS. Do you like my framing job? It just fits so well in there.  Our gray shower curtain is currently getting a makeover at the monogram shop down the street (IN CORAL) but I am kind of loving the PB one that's taken its place.

Note to future Ryann: DO NOT DO ALL WHITE WITH 3 DOGS AND A BABY ON THE WAY.  It is constant cleaning and while it looks so pretty for this house-- never again.  I think next time I'd do dark grout in the tile to hide all the dirt & maybe not white counter tops in the kitchen where the dogs are constantly jumping and sniffing.

The painting contractor came over yesterday to do an estimate for Cash's nursery.  I thought it would be easier to just have someone do it and knock something else off our list.  Ok first of all the room is not that big.  Second of all we have given this guy so much business with the renovation of our house that I was thinking 100 or 200 dollars and boom. Done.  He emails me this morning- 550 DOLLARS!!!! To paint a little room.  And not even the trim or anything- just the walls.  Call me crazy but that is flat out ridiculous.  So we are going to tackle ourselves. And by we, I mean Brett ;).

I'm meeting with the doula today @ 11 and will prob do a post-doula-meeting-report later.




  1. "show me your doula". i dont know why, just got the urge to say that - out loud... at work

    def go for dark grout. that's what its all about these days.

  2. I had the exact same shower curtain at our last house! Also, I think a postpartum doula sounds awesome. I feel like maybe we would have done a lot better with breastfeeding if we had better guidance in the very beginning.

  3. Oh, and that is CRAZY for the painting. We had three rooms including trim, plus our mantle repainted for $800.