Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Extreme Makeover

Am I the only one who cries uncontrobally every time they say "MOVE THAT BUS!!"?? I didn't think so.

Well it's time for Miss Blue Bonnet to get her own makeover! {Minus Ty Pennington} First in the kitch, then in the bathroom.  I wanted to include some "before" pics so y'all can follow a long and really see the transformation!

Don't you love the professional iPhone pics & the process of moving?! :)

The lovely miracle lady came last Friday to take measurements and show us her vision. And it is FAB.  If you can see in the pic, there is a bunch of space behind the "bar" where a metal storage rack lies its legs.  It's such a biiiiig waste of space-- not enough room to put a table & only enough to fit 2 barstools & the metal thang.  She wants to knock that down and extend the cabinets on the right alllllll the way to the window.  In there, will be a sectioned "bar" area with our wine cooler, glass storage, and a wine rack.  That's when I knew she meshed with the Detamores. #SOEXCITED.

By opening that area up it will free enough space up to add an..........I-S-L-A-N-D. Our very first island!!!!! EEEEK. All up in there will be storage for spices, pots & pans, and even a lil vegetable sink.  Over by the fridge will be shelves for cookbooks, more cabinetry, and a new setup for our washer & dryer.

Now to my most favoritest part: the design.  I have two major ideas in mind, one of which I wanted to use for West 26th.  The other is my newest obsession.

First is an all white kitchen like these eye candies:

 And my ALL time dream kitchen by Amber Lewis of Amber Interiors:
Apparently, even though marble counter tops are what I was leaning towards, they wear and tear A TON.  Like crack, get scratched, over time get dull. No lies.  I'm thinking Caesarstone is the way to go (as shown in Amber's pic). They are "indestructible" AND guess what- they are the best for red wine drinkers. SOLD.  Also, nicer to the wallet which is always a winner in my book.  You could always used marble subway tiles like Amber does so you can still incorporate them somewhere. Yes, yes I'm likin' that style.

Now the other look I've been leaning towards has a lil splash of colah. See hurr:

See the trend?!

Navy islands.

Still have the white countertops/white cabinets/white backsplash.  Just adds a fun hint of color.

Paired with these?
Well if you insist.

Only thing is I feel if we went this route the kitchen will have more of a brown tone/copper feel, which as you can tell from my blog is not usually my style.

I could always go with the all white & use blue for the island seating/curtains? I am le confused.

Let me know your thoughts, and THANK YOU so much for your continued support & of course for reading W 26! Like my page on the FaceBook here:!/pages/West-26-Bliss/393345634014304

Who knows...might be some giveaways/contests in the near future....:)


  1. I love the navy island - adds warmth. All white can sometimes seem sterile - looking too much like a hospital. Love the bar stool fabric too - really ties the colors together! You're having a ball doing this and we get to share! Thank you!

  2. Loving the splashes of color idea!!!! I cant wait to see what you do with the place =)