Monday, September 23, 2013


Behold the cuteness.


Cash just turned SIX months old, and I'm exactly 15 weeks today!! I can't believe it. We go in for a gender ultrasound October 25th, just to extra confirm there's a girl hiding in there.  A lot of peeps have been asking us about names, but we want to 110% make sure it's a girl before we really settle on any.  I will say that we definitely want a boys name for a girl (like mine, duh). And are leaning towards ones that start with C to mesh with Cash.  Any and all suggestions welcome.

This past weekend Brett had his 10 year high school reunion and we hosted a pre-party.

SPX freeeends
I've become really great friends with a lot of his HS friends (and lurv them), but I was so excited to meet some more I've heard such great things about.  Of course I decided to try my dress on about 10 minutes before the party started #typical and of course my bump had decided to go through a growth spurt #typical. All I really cared about was being comfy so I wore an older maternity dress from Target which was more practical.  THEN I FOUND ONE HIDING IN MY CLOSET TODAY THAT TOTALLY WOULD HAVE BEEN CUTER. These are the things I think about during Cash's nap time.

Y'all. I was seriously a zombie at the bar since it was way past my bedtime and my morning sickness has now turned into past 6 PM sickness.  But I tried to be a trooper for B and stay out as late as possible.  He had a great time which is all that really matters (and I did too). And just to put it out there, I think I deserve the best push present EVER, you know just in general. Being pregnant for two years in a row is hard work y'all.

ryann, C, baby girl D

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