Wednesday, September 11, 2013


I'm now almost 14 weeks and still have to pop nausea medicine on the reg.  I was so excited for the 1st trimester to be over because then I'd magically feel better, but who am I kidding? I was sick for 5 months with Cash so I shouldn't be surprised. But this time I have MEDICINE. Thank the lawd.  Medicine that really only works on and off throughout the day but it's better than nothin.  Anyways, I'm just really excited for the day I'll be 100%, alert, and not exhausted. Hurry it up.

We've had a busy few weeks and even busier weekends coming up.  This weekend I'm going to Austin for our college family reunion.  Just a few highlights of these hooligans:

I really am lucky to have these peeps in my life and can't wait to spend a whole weekend with them!

Then the next weekend, the 10 year reunions start (WHAT?).  We're hosting the pre-party for Brett's so I need to start thinking of some yummy apps and treats to have.  I'm thinking a Tex Mex theme since people are coming in from out of town.  I've been dying to try this simple marg recipe:  Fresh lime juice, good tequila, and either triple sec or Grand Marnier. A third, a third, a third.  We're usually all about frozen in these parts, but 
on the rocks is always a party pleaser. I'll be happily sipping on my ice water concoction.


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