Wednesday, June 27, 2012


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I know I am late to the game AND this is post is straying from the usual but I just have to share my thoughts.  If anyone cares. {I hope you doooo}. There was a marathon on yesterday and my lil pupils were glued to the TV. You see, this helped my cabin fever tremendously b/c in earlier in the AM I thought I was going to legit lose it.  So thank you RHOC for helping me keep my sanity. Kind of.

1) Vicki is an idiot.  I, for one, can't stand Brooks.  And he totally maxed out a credit card to buy her that fur. And he totally belongs on the ID Channel.  I think this about sums it up:

2)  I can't stand Alexis.  We don't care how many cars you have or how big your house is.  What I do care about is how she needs an interior designer STAT & that she needs to stop lying about her fake diamonds.  She also needs to hire better princesses. That is all.

3) I freaking LOVE Heather. LOVE. Maybe it's because of the inlaid monogram on her marble floor.  Or the fact that I die over her house.  Either way, she's my fav and her kids are adorbs.

4) I love Gretchen and Slade.  The last time I watched this show was when she was engaged to Jeff so I didn't have the highest opinion of her.  Anywayssss, their love seems supah real.  I also love how she is realistic about marriage to Slade and lays it all on the line re: his debt.

5)  All I feel towards Tamra is jealousy {of her trip to Bora Bora}.  Other than that, totally indifferent.

THE END.  Please feel free to comment on your thoughts and suggest what other RH I need to be watching.

Disclaimer: do not judge me based on above comments. I promise I am a nice person.




  1. I'm dying at this post. I just finished up the season finale on my lunch break. I love how ridiculously over the top Heather is for some reason. Alexis is definitely my least favorite, but she is very entertaining (so possibly my most favorite? hmmm). Thinking about a princess and puppies party for my daughter's first bday... And I really don't like Breanna's husband Ryan. Something about his smart mouth to Vicki (who is also an idiot-with Brooks, omg) just irks me! I love how at the end she was like, no I'm not pregnant....then the finale updates roll and it says that she is now 6 months pregnant. Wonder when that was filmed? Sorry.....I'm rambling! You NEED to watch ROH New York...

  2. Like all of them in their own little way. Can't stand Brooks, can't wait for Vicki to find out what kind of guy he really is. I like RHO New Jersey. Those ladies really know how to get it on (arguing/fighting I mean). I think you would like that show.

  3. Ryann - I keep thinking of more and more things to write (hence FB posts and now this)... Since you just started watching, you would have LOVED Don (Vicki's soon to be ex-husband)... He was soooo sweet!!!