Friday, June 1, 2012



I'm taking a brief break from the blog this weekend to jet off to our second home, Vegas, with my hubby & my pops.

There will be lots of gamblin'. Sippin'. Fist bumpin' (courtesy of Benjamin Franklin-- yes that is my dad's name & it's genius).  And occasional eatin'.

SUCH AS..........the best-tapas-of-your-life at Firefly. Where you can find filet mignon sliders, manchego mac n' cheese, and the best dang mojito you will ever have- in 10 different flavors.  AND our other fav: Todd English PUB.  Which, hands down has the best mac n' cheese in all of Amurrica.  They also have the beer in a bag special which is the real reason we go, let's be honest.  I'll let the description speak for itself: "PBR tall boy can served in a brown paper bag; with a shot of Jack Daniels on the side."

'Nuff said.

It's also our 6 month wedding anni this Sunday which will appropriately be spent at the blackjack tables with a drink(s) in hand.

I love you Brett Michael Detamore!

yes, we only had 9 people at our wedding.

and yes, it was perfect.
and so us.
but of course, we still celebrated w/ our fam & friends. right after.
& then had the honeymoon of a lifetime. #maldives

All of which we are so beyond thankful for.

happy anniversary baby! i love you.


  1. VEGAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Super cute post =) Happy 6 months!

  2. I love your wedding photo! And that does sound like the honeymoon of a lifetime!