Tuesday, June 5, 2012


......for the renovations to commence! Once we approve the final bid, things should take off in a matter of days!  To refresh yo' memory bulbs, we have been plotting renovations for Miss Bluebonnet.  This process started in February and we are JUST NOW taking off with it.  Let me tell you- finding a trustworthy contractor is not easy in this city.  People tried to rip us off (several times).  They tried to push their designs & their products on us (no thanks). And one guy just straight up disappeared (yelp! loved me that day).  Needless to say we've been through the ringer even before any work was actually done.  Thank goodness for all of that because we ended up meshing perfectly with Blair Jones of Blair Jones Company and couldn't be more excited to get this thing done!

This was the final inspiration decision for the kitchen: 

Amber Lewis kitch

We're paintin & primin all the cabinets white.  Slapping some white Caesarstone countertops on thurr. And finally installing carrara marble subway tile.  EEEEEEEK! 

Since our kitchen is on the smaller side, an island just didn't make sense.  Instead I'm thinking about scooping him up: 

Painting him all navy with some snazzy hardware.  Like so:

I shall keep the wood top on him though since I think it adds some fun texture in the white mix.

Next, we need to decide on wall color/wallpaper, barstools, and fancy window treatments.  Here's what I'm thinking.

****Paint the legs white lacquer
****Reupholster in pink fabric

Here they are in action:


****Custom navy & stripe roman shade

Now, what to do for the walls?

Part of me is thinking all white but is that too boring? This beauty has all white and it's just fine:

But then I'm all like no, I need some crazy wallpaper in my life:

Maybe tone it done some, gettin' all crazy and such:

I'm sure the answer will appear clear as the sky when the renovations start so I will keep y'all posted!

Cant wait to start and blog about the journey! Wooohoooo, thanks for reading y'all.

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  1. BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!! I love white kitchens! Such a clean feeling - I am sure Miss Bluebonnet will love it!! Cant wait to see what you decide to do with the walls!