Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Miss Bluebonnet Dining Room

HOWDY Y'ALL.  I finally finalized the design for miss bb's dining room & thought I would give you guys a special sneak peek!  I gave Blair the go-ahead with the official paint color, ordered the holla! sign, and now a bunch of pretty fabreeeeec samples are on their way to my arms.  Even after all my bloggin' adventures, this is the very first room that I (and all of you!!!) will actually get to see come alive from this blog -----> real life.  EXCITEMENT IS AN UNDERSTATEMENT.  Here she is!

Oh, I just love her so. Neva, gonna eva-eva, let her go. Lalala.

On another note, tonight I'm taking my man on a much deserved date here:

Steaks & whisky...I mean come on.  He's going to be in heaven. And let's face it, so will I.   

Tomorrow I'll be back bright-eyed and bushy tailed with a bathroom board I designed for my HOME GIRL, Michelle! Stay tuned, y'all.


1 comment:

  1. Love the dining room so much!!! I cant get over that rug and light + that color combo = AMAZING. Love it all =) I CAN NOT wait for the bathroom board tomorrow!!!!