Wednesday, June 20, 2012


is what i'm currently suffering from.

we only have the use of two rooms in our house right now due to paint drying, horrid paint fumes, and a demolished bathroom. thank god for the internet. and rachael ray.  which, now that i think about it, is probably the worst thing i could have been watching on my current diet situation.  doesn't matter anyways because everything in the kitchen is taped off.  we had two slices of turkey for lunch. TWO SLICES. i'm about to turn into betty white on that snickers commercial.

note to self: have a plan B next time you decide to renovate a house with one bathroom and THREE big dogs.

another note to self: this will all be worth it. repeat 100 times.

on the bright side let's take a look at the progress:

white cabinets! minty fresh walls! now i want some mint choc chip ice cream. focus ryann.

tomorrow i shall watch kathy lee and hoda drink wine instead of watching rachael ray eat hamburgers. i don't know what will be worse.

till then peeps!


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  1. You are so dang funny, dear daughter-in-law! Love you bunches!