Thursday, June 21, 2012


1) this is what we did today:

she has a rough life
stop taking pictures of me, momma 
2) diet is going good so far. besides craving a taco from torchy's, a bowl of queso the size of my head, and bottomless margaritas. in that order.

3) this weekend i think i'm going to attempt something like this:

{the art, that is}

canvas + black oil paint + no painting skills whatsoever = how bad can it be?!

would look fab over our new pink headboard.

4) i'm 99.9% sure i just added bar carts to MISS BLUEBONNET.

5) i failed to take a before bathroom pic.  however, this is it's current state if you would like to see:

have i mentioned this is our only bathroom?

have a lovely afternoon.

tomorrow: friday finds!


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