Monday, June 11, 2012

Blog Post Round-Up

HAPPY MONDAY! Nice to see y'all so bright & early.  I've had my coffee, the pups are doing circles around the house, and the Today show is blaring. Sounds about right.

As an aspiring blogger/designer, I'm constantly learning.  A lot of times I turn to my blogger peers for inspiration, direction, and mostly to get whatever creative bone I have in my body moving.  I'm basically a work in progress. Enough about me though.  I decided to round up some blog posts that I have visited {stalked} a billion times.  These all have taught me a ton since I first started this blog and are all bookmarked on my comp.  You should probably do the same, then stalk their blogs daily for even more goodness.

1)  i suwannee: RUGS 101 

2) the Everygirl: How to Style a Coffee Table

3) Design Manifest: Naomi's Loft

4) glitter GUIDE, featuring Jamie Meares: How to: Style a Sofa

5) SoHaute: At Home with Amber Lewis

6) THE PURSUIT OF STYLE: 2011 Highlights: My Home in Ivy & Piper

7) Queen of LA: Inspiration Boards 1 & 2

8) Peppermint Bliss: Buttering Your Biscuit

9) My Favorite and My Best (MFAMB): real life decorating with perks

10) coco & kelley: My Home Sweet Home

11) charm home: GALLERY WALLS

We really need to do this more often.