Thursday, May 31, 2012

Which Fabric, y'all?

HELP! {sang in tune to the beatles} Your help is greatly needed.  You see, we have this couch with some gooooood bones.  It has a lovely striped, plaid pattern goin' on.  But lately it's been begging me for a makeover.  The problem is I have too many ideas.  Keep changin' my mind and bein' all indecisive and such.  So this is where you come in. If you so please, help me pick a fab fabric to dress up our old couch.

Here's what I've conjured up so far.

We could go with a classic, solid look with one of my favs, Coral.

She would be named after the mom on Finding Nemo, and I'm so down with that.  See Coral in action:

caitlin wilson designs
Or we could venture into pattern with stripes:

It'd be so Anna Spiro of us.

We could go all zig zaggy with the stripes a la Chevron.

caitlin wilson textiles

Some people think Chevron is in the past. What say you? I'm still embracing it and refuse to let it go. 

Finally, we could get REAL crazy. I mean realllll craze.

lulu dk

lulu dk

Mrs. Meares just did a similar splatter-esque couch which I love, obv:

So that's all I got folks.  What do my loyal readers think? Classic, stripes, zig zag, splatter? Oh my, the choices. Do let me know, will you?



  1. Ohhhhhhhhhh Love the Coral with accent pillows!!!! But truthfully I LOVE IT ALL =) SO MANY GREAT IDEAS!!!

  2. Coral! 2 votes (Bobby + Cindy)